9 Cotton Garments You Need In Your Wardrobe

9 Cotton Garments You Need In Your Wardrobe

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Jun 20th 2022

Cotton has long been known to be one of the best materials in fashion. It appears in nearly every garment imaginable– and we are here for it.

Cotton is one of those materials that hasn’t changed with time. Some materials used in clothing today can lead to excessive sweating, lingering odors, skin irritation, color fading, ripping, pilling, pulling, short life, discomfort, and overall dissatisfaction.

Cotton, on the other hand, is a clothing material you can always depend on for a variety of reasons, regardless if you opt for cotton sweatshirts, sweatpants, or even skirts! Before we dive into nine cotton fashion elements you need in your wardrobe, let’s take a brief look at this miracle material’s benefits.

Benefits of Choosing Cotton Garments:

?Impressive durability
?Hypoallergenic (great for those with sensitive skin or allergies!)
?Controls Moisture and Is Nonwicking
?Insulating and exceptionally warm
?Stylish (and versatile in its styling options!)
?No pilling or color bleeding
?Improves with age, even after countless washes!

Now that we know a little more about cotton and its impressive benefits, the time has finally come for us to divulge the nine necessary cotton garments for your wardrobe!

1.Crewneck Sweatshirts
Crewneck cotton sweatshirts are one of the most classic sweatshirt options available. Why? Because they are exceptionally comfortable, can be slipped on easily, and can complement nearly any outfit choice you can muster!

Plus, these sweatshirts come in a number of styles to choose from, such as V-notch, unisex, loopback, and Frency Terry crewnecks. They typically all have long sleeves but offer different accents or fits.

V-notch sweatshirts, as the name suggests, offer an innocuous V-shape at the base of theirs necklines. Unisex options simply can be worn by both sexes sublimely. Loopbacks are designed to essentially have loops in the backing of the garment, which is one of the most classic ways of knitting materials. French Terrys also have V-notches but have elongated wrist cuffs and waistbands.

Either one you choose will be an excellent choice, as they complement nearly any body type and any outfit– and are cozy to boot!

2.Classic Hoodies
Who doesn’t love a good hoodie? Classic hoodies are always a great option and are mandatory for any wardrobe. These can be worn while running errands, going to the gym, or when you’re cuddled up on the sofa or in bed! These versatile garments have the added benefit of a hood, which will keep you better protected from the elements.

Not only is this option unequivocally comfortable and practical to wear, but you’ll also simply look cool while doing so! Hoodies are popular streetwear garments that can boost anyone’s style when worn.

3.Full Zip Hoodies

Classic hoodies don’t have a zipper, however, so whenever you’re in the need of a hoodie with the ease of a zipper, then you should also include a full zip hoodie in your wardrobe, too!

These hoodies still provide you with the same benefits as classic hoodies except they have an added advantage: you don’t need to pull it over your head to either put it on or take it off!

4.Classic Cotton Sweatpants
While we all certainly love our cotton sweatshirts, there are really no more comfortable bottoms than cotton sweatpants! Classic cotton sweatpants, like the ones we offer here at Just Sweatshirts, have easy-to-love features, such as drawstrings, side pockets, and elastic cuffs. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors to match your preferred outfit and style!

5.Slim Fit Sweatpants aka Joggers

One slight drawback of classic cotton sweatpants is that they aren’t particularly form-fitting and can sometimes be too baggy– and no one is always in the mood for baggy sweatpants. Sometimes, we want to look even better in our sweatpants! Cue slim-fit sweatpants aka joggers.

Joggers offer the same benefits as classic sweatpants but they have a slightly tighter fit. They also are more convenient for exercising, since they are hugging tighter to your body and not flailing about. Plus, joggers are really in-style right now– for both men and women!

6.Heavyweight Sweatpants
Heavyweight sweatpants are necessary pants for the colder months, as they are– as you may have already assumed– heavier! They are ideal in their comfortability and warmth, but they’re also stylish– whether you decide to wear them out in the snow or on your cozy sofa in front of the fire!

7.Cotton Short-Sleeve Shirts
Now let’s step away from garments for our legs and head back up to the torso, but this time, with shirts! Cotton shirts in general are exemplary options for a slew of purposes: lounging at home, working out at the gym, going for runs outside, casual hangouts with friends, and even when going on dates!

Cotton short-sleeve shirts come in a couple of alluring styles as well: V-neck, scoop neck, and classic. Wearing these shirts will be perfect for spring, summer, or even fall casual events!

8.Cotton Long-Sleeve Shirts

For those colder months, you should definitely stock your wardrobe with cotton long-sleeve shirts as well. These will provide your outfit with a sleek, clean style all the while keeping you both comfortable and warm!

9.Cotton Sweatshirt Dresses
For those ladies (and even gentlemen!) who enjoy a comfortable yet complementary dress, then you should absolutely have cotton sweatshirt dresses in your wardrobe, ready to go! These come in a variety of styles, cuts, and lengths to match any type of weather and any type of style you’re looking to rock!

They combine everything you love about a cotton sweatshirt and a dress. Imagine your favorite sweatshirt simply elongated– and that’s what this type of dress is! Comfortable, attractive, and stylish– everything we love to see in a dress (and really any kind of garment!).

Now that you know just nine cotton garments that you need in your wardrobe starting today, head on over to our shop to discover the best cotton fashion around! We take pride in every garment, every stitch, and every style we create. Browse all of our options and finally equip your wardrobe with cotton items you’ll never grow tired of!