Our luxuriously soft 100% cotton tees, available in both short and long sleeves for men and women, are made with combed 100% cotton jersey fabric. As a part of our handcrafting process, we double stitch all seams, wash and pre-shrink each piece. We also use ring-spun cotton only, which helps to prevent twisting and pilling and preserves the amazing look and feel of our cotton clothing, especially when it’s worn next to your skin. 

Cotton clothing, especially cotton tees made from 100% cotton:

Is hypoallergenic and excellent for people with sensitive skin.
-       Is breathable, making it suitable for wear in both warm and cool weather.
-       Does not trap moisture near the skin, helping with odor control and comfort and helping to prevent the growth of bacteria.
-       Is durable and holds its shape well, especially when properly cared for. It will remain soft and comfortable for many years.
-       Doesn’t produce an electric charge, so it’s static-free!
-       Is sustainable, recyclable, and renewable!
-       And most importantly, is amazingly comfortable and super soft. Once you wear 100% cotton, you’ll never go back! 


If you have any questions about the difference between our 100% cotton clothing and others, please feel free to get in touch with us! Otherwise, please check out our collections of cotton sweatshirts, including our heavy hoodies and French Terry sweatshirts; they’re the perfect complement to an all-cotton outfit!