Ladies Classic 100% Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Our ladies’ long sleeve t-shirt in 100% cotton is plush and soft and perfect for all seasons! Don’t let the long sleeves fool you, cotton is warm in the winter and since it’s breathable, it’s great in the heat, too. Cotton is naturally breathable and even wicks moisture away from your skin, so it’ll help keep you cool and dry even when the temperatures are on the rise. You’ll be comfortable through the whole year and styling in one of our ladies’ long sleeve t-shirts! They’re available in a number of colors, too - so don’t just get one! 

We also put quality at the center of everything we do. Our ladies’ long sleeve t-shirts, like all of our 100% cotton garments, are carefully and meticulously handcrafted. We use double-stitched seams that result in a more durable shirt and less tearing or fraying along the seams. All of our t-shirts are also made from ring-spun cotton fabric that is pre-shrunk. Our cotton t-shirts will stay softer for longer and since they’re made from high-quality fabrics, there’s less of a risk of washing out, pilling or shrinking. We also pre-wash them so they’re super soft when they get to you! 


They’re super soft and great for all seasons. Pick up a few in your favorite colors and experience comfort like you’ve never felt before!