When To Wear Heavyweight 100% Cotton Sweatpants In Summer

When To Wear Heavyweight 100% Cotton Sweatpants In Summer

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Apr 18th 2022

When you purchase heavyweight 100% cotton sweatpants, you may automatically assume that they’ll be most ideal during the winter to keep you warm and cozy. Then, they’ll promptly be stored far, far away during the summer.

However, we are here to tell you that that simply is not the case! There is surprisingly an abundance of moments during the hottest months of the year that you’ll actually benefit from wearing your favorite pair of cotton sweatpants!

When exactly could you wear such warm sweatpants during the warmest months of the year without being and feeling uncomfortably hot? Here are just a few excellent times to sport your favorite pair of cotton sweatpants during the summer.

1.Around the Campfire
During the summer months, you are likely to “chill out” around the campfire with some of your closest friends and family members. However, post-sunset, you know full well that the temperature can drop suddenly and quite a lot! You don’t want your legs to be chilly during those brisk evenings, which is why these sweatpants would be your best cuddle buddy by the fire!

Another advantage of wearing these while camping or in the great outdoors at night is to deter those pesky and downright infuriating mosquitos. You can drastically decrease your exposure to these irksome creatures and ultimately the amount of bites around your legs and ankles (which is where they tend to gravitate toward) by covering them with long sweatpants!

2.Before, During, and After Sporting Events/Activities
Summertime is filled with thrilling sporting events and other outdoor activities! Whether you are going fishing, hiking, playing baseball, beach volleyball, or basketball, there are moments when you’ll be wanting to wear your sweatpants.

Some activities may call for loose-fitting sweats throughout the day and even during particular activities. Meanwhile, there are other sporting activities where you can (and sometimes should) wear sweatpants prior to or after sports. For example, when playing beach volleyball, women may not want to wear their bathing suit out and about so they can easily (and comfortably) cover up with sweatpants.

Plus, summer mornings can be quite chilly and dewy, so these sweatpants can both keep you efficiently covered and warm during the colder hours of the day! They’re also exceptionally comfortable for you to wear to warm up for gameplay and cool down/stretch afterwards.

3.When Lounging in the Air Conditioning
When you are simply lounging about at home or in your friend’s home, watching TV or even cooking, is there really anything more comfortable to wear than a pair of sweatpants? We don’t think so– even in summer, especially when you have the air conditioning cranking!

4.Casual Indoor Gatherings
During those casual house parties or reunions with friends and family, you can’t really go wrong with cozy sweats. These will not only make you look great but you’ll feel great too! Plus, for those dinner parties, that waistband will really be your best friend!

5.Catching Some Z’s
During the summer, there are a good number of evenings that are sodden with rain and have chilly temperatures. While you are wrapped in your blanket and catching some much-needed Z’s (whether at night or during a catnap), wearing a pair of heavyweight 100% cotton sweatpants is never a bad idea!

6.Working From Home


The number of remote jobs and work exploded during the height of the pandemic. As the pandemic continues to subside, there are still many people who are currently working from home. Some are fully remote and others are on a more hybrid schedule.

If you fall in this category (whether you are fully remote or hybrid), you can comfortably sit in your home office while wearing these perfectly warm and inviting sweatpants. Zoom calls don’t pick up your outfit from the waist down, after all!

7.When Indulging in Indoor Hobbies
There will likely be a good deal of downtime for you, even during the exhilarating summer season. During those hot days that lack plans with friends, you can stay at home and indulge in your favorite hobbies all while cozily rockin’ your favorite heavyweight sweatpants!

Whether you are reading in bed, writing at your desk, painting in your basement/garage, or completing a puzzle in front of the living room TV, there really isn’t much that is more comfortable to wear than your 100% cotton sweatpants! When you are blasting your A/C, you can involve yourself fully into your hobbies all with the help of your cozy sweatpants.

And there you have it: several key opportunities for you to wear, enjoy, and sport your favorite pair of heavyweight 100% cotton sweatpants in the summer! Be sure to browse all of our highest quality sweatpants options– and even pair them with a matching cotton sweatshirt to complete your look!