Why A Hooded Pullover Is Exactly What You Need This Winter

Why A Hooded Pullover Is Exactly What You Need This Winter

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Oct 19th 2021

When building out and creating a small but well-rounded wardrobe, you want to prioritize certain aspects of your clothing such as comfort, practicality, and how often you will realistically turn to that garment and decide you want to wear it for the day. One type of clothing that we have noticed many people treat this way is the classic hooded pullover. It is one of the more popular garments at Just Sweatshirts and it is well loved for its coziness and versatility. As you shop to fill your closet with the best pieces for your lifestyle and preferences, you might want to take some time to look at hooded pullovers and see how much you could get from having one or two of these in your life.

Stay Comfortable...Always

Whether you are running errands for the day, spending time with friends, or just sitting at home enjoying your day off on the couch, you can stay comfortable and cozy in a hooded pullover. It is great clothing for going out or staying in so you can relax in your hoodie regardless of where you are. You shouldn’t have to fight, pull, and itch just to get dressed for the day, and you really don’t have to when you have some comfortable clothes that you enjoy wearing often.

Keeps You Extra Warm

One thing that hooded pullovers are great at is keeping you warm, especially heavyweight hoodies that do a great job of maintaining your body heat especially with the hood up. These pieces work great on their own, but even better when layered with jackets or coats for extra warmth, comfort, and coziness This is perfect for those who live in colder climates and take bracing for the cold seriously. You want to have options that you can wear alone or together to keep you safe from harsh weather.

Get Dressed Quickly

Pullover hoodies are excellent pieces to reach for if you need to leave the house quickly but still look decent. They are quite literally easy to wear since you only have to pull them straight over your head with no fuss. And they are easy to wear since they are reliable and do not need much styling. You can just wear your hoodie with a T-shirt and jeans and you are ready to go. It can be as easy as that.

How to Find Your Perfect Pullover

After taking all this time to discuss how beneficial a hooded pullover can be for you and your wardrobe, it only feels fair to offer some advice for buying some of your own. We are quite experienced in this category of clothing, so we have come to some conclusions about the best ways to shop for pullover hoodies and we now want to pass on some of that knowledge to you with the hope that you will be able to find the perfect pieces to help support your wardrobe. Our first bit of advice would be to choose hoodies that are made from 100% cotton and nothing else. This is absolutely the best fabric to have for your hoodies because of all the natural benefits of cotton. It is a natural, plant-based fiber that does not contain any amount of plastic, unlike some synthetic materials which is no good for the environment or for your body. Natural fibers like pure cotton are much better on the skin because they are fully breathable, moisture-wicking, and soft to the touch. Plus cotton is a fairly durable material that lasts well over the years without showing obvious signs of wear and it has a tendency to get softer over time with washes. This means you can enjoy and get more out of your 100% cotton hoodie the longer you have it. This is a very different experience compared to wearing plastic-based fibers, which do not allow the skin to fully breathe and can be extremely uncomfortable to wear in the heat. This is why we are so invested in using strictly pure cotton to create our products here at Just Sweatshirts. We want to maintain the quality and integrity of our products for as long as possible and we are not willing to compromise on the fabric in the process.

Our secondary piece of advice for picking out your new hooded pullovers is to choose your colors wisely. You want some colors that you will feel confident wearing all the time; remember this is a piece of clothing you will wear instinctively and casually, so you want colors that can fit your mood at any time. Usually, this comes down to neutrals like gray and black, but it could also mean some other colors you like wearing consistently like your favorite color. For a garment you can wear so easily, you want colors that you can wear without even thinking about it.

Finally, our last piece of advice for purchasing the perfect hooded pullover is to actually get more than one, and part of this relates to our previous point here. Getting more than one allows you to get different colors that match whatever mood you are in. Also this allows you to wear your hooded pullover whenever you feel like it because you do not have to worry that your pullover is in the wash and you will not have to deal with friends or family asking how often you have been wearing the same hoodie when you have them in different colors. Based on our vast experience with hoodies and similar clothing, this is our advice for purchasing the best possible hooded pullover for you that will make you the happiest and treat you the best.

Once you have your ideal pullover hoodie in your hands and on your body, you will see exactly what we mean by all of this. Hoodies are super practical and make a great addition to your wardrobe as a type of clothing that you can count on consistently. You can check out all of our hooded pullovers and zip up hoodies, made from 100% pure cotton to find your new go-to pieces.