Why A Heavy Hoodie Will Be Your Favorite, Functional, Fall-Fashion Pick

Why A Heavy Hoodie Will Be Your Favorite, Functional, Fall-Fashion Pick

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Sep 28th 2021

Classic sweater weather is just around the corner. For some of you reading this, it may already be here! That means it’s time to break out your finest in cozy cotton clothing and let Fall and Winter do their thing.

It also means it’s time for you to get familiar with heavy hoodies if you haven’t yet. Like a regular hoodie, a heavy hoodie offers you plenty of room for accessorization and mix and matching, not to mention the fact that it’ll offer unparalleled comfort.

If you haven’t heard, heavy hoodies are not only making a comeback - they offer a lot of advantages over standard and lighter-weight fabric hoodies.

So What Makes It a Heavy Hoodie?

Let’s be clear about one thing - there’s no industry standard or certification designating heavyweight cotton as a heavyweight. It’s a bit of a soft metric (no pun intended) but it makes a difference.

Standard and lightweight cotton clothing, like hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, like heavyweight fabric, is made from the fibers of the cotton plant (Gossypium). These small, fine fibers are spun (more on that below!) into yarns of varying thickness and then woven to create the fabrics from which clothing like t-shirts and sweatshirts, and sweatpants can be created.

Thinner cotton fabrics are soft and comfortable, and plenty of people love them because they are great in both the warmer and colder months of the year. Cotton is a great insulator, but since it breathes, it can keep you cool even in the heat as well.

Heavyweight cotton, by contrast to thin cotton fabrics, is much thicker, denser, and heavier. While this is noticeable enough just by touching the fabric, it becomes even more noticeable when you fold the clothing, multiplying the pleats.

Heavyweight cotton fabric is, then, thicker and warmer than thin cotton fabrics. The best part about heavyweight cotton fabric is that it offers all of the comparative advantages of thinner fabrics without sacrificing anything.

Heavy hoodies are still warm and comfortable throughout all seasons. Since they are thicker, they have even better heat-retaining abilities, while still being able to breathe. They are also plusher, and much more comfortable than thinner fabrics.

In addition to being warmer and softer, heavy hoodies will also hold their shape better. Cotton is naturally effective at maintaining its shape, and heavyweight cotton fabric is the best of all. A heavyweight hoodie will last for many seasons of hard wear - heavyweight hooded sweatshirts are the “heavy-duty” entry to the sweatshirt world - even if you prefer them for fashion.

Because the heavyweight cotton fabric has a thicker weave than its thinner counterparts, it will also hold up admirably to more frequent washings without becoming “washed out.” You should still only wash your sweatshirt as needed, but the heavyweight fabric is more resilient, all things considered.

So what it comes down to are a few different key takeaways. Heavy hoodies are warmer and softer, while at the same time being suitable for wear during the warmer months. They’re also better able to retain their shape and will hold up better to frequent wear and washing cycles.

With all that said, there’s more to the picture of a Just Sweatshirts heavy hoodie than meets the eye.

The Just Sweatshirts Difference

A heavy hoodie just might become your next favorite addition to your wardrobe, but if you’re going to get one, get it here - an extra measure of care and pride goes into the creation of every garment we make.

All of our garments, heavy hoodies included, are made with pre-shrunk fabric so they’re less likely to shrink or otherwise change their shape after hard use or washing. We still advise washing in cool water because hot water damages cotton fibers, but our garments are pre-shrunk nonetheless.

We also use cotton yarns that have been ring-spun. The process of ring spinning yarn results in even yarns with less fiber ends “running out” of the yarn. This is in contrast to “open-end” yarn, in which the ends of the fiber protrude from the yarn at odd angles. It’s difficult to see this with the naked eye, but rest assured, ring spinning solves quite a few issues.

“Open-end” yarn tends to pill or wash out after it’s been washed. Our ring-spun fabrics are less likely to experience either of these issues and on top of that, they’re less likely to become threadbare over time (assuming proper care) because it’s hard for the fibers to work loose of the yarn.

Our 100% cotton garments are also made with a special four-seam flatlock stitching process. Our flatlock stitching process produces low-profile seams that are remarkably strong. It simply adds to the durability of our cotton garments.

Why You’ll Love Cotton

Finally, it’s important to note that our heavy hoodies are made from 100% cotton - and if you haven’t made the switch to 100% cotton, here are some reasons to do so.

Pure cotton clothing is simply more comfortable. Cotton is a naturally effective insulator and it will help your skin breathe during the hotter months. This will help it wick moisture away from your skin, which is important to preventing irritation when the temperatures rise. (It can also help your skin breathe while you sleep, which is why some people benefit from 100% cotton sheets as well).

Cotton is also hypo-allergenic, making it suitable for some sensitive individuals as well. Some synthetic fibers actually trap moisture by the skin, which can irritate the skin, allow the growth of microbes, and trap odors. Of course, that’s not to mention that synthetics need to be produced in a lab and many are made from petrochemicals.

Cotton, however, is completely natural. It can both be renewed every year (cotton is grown, after all), recycled, or even thrown away, in which case it will biodegrade!

Shop Our Styles!

If it sounds like you need to experience the difference of a heavy hoodie, you’re in the perfect place. Here in our online shop, in addition to our t-shirts and sweatpants, we carry a variety of super-comfortable, amazingly soft heavy hoodies. Check the link to see what we have in stock - and call us at 1-866-888-5878 if you have any questions!