What Makes A Women's Cotton Hoodie A Wardrobe Essential

What Makes A Women's Cotton Hoodie A Wardrobe Essential

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Aug 10th 2021

We see and wear cotton hoodies often enough to know that they are a mainstay in modern fashion. In television shows, movies, on the sidewalk, at home, really anywhere we go, we see hoodies being proudly worn. It is easy enough to see with our own eyes, but let's get into what makes cotton woodies an essential for women's clothing. You might wonder what is even considered a wardrobe essential in the first place. We would have to say it's clothing that people with all different kinds of lifestyles could still enjoy and find useful for what they have to do and where they have to go. It is clothing that you appreciate when you have it, and miss when it is not there. You always like having it on standby just in case you need it, whether or not you plan or expect to use it in the next few days. You already know that you will want it around at some point, so it feels right to have it on hand whenever that time will appear, be it in a few days or a few weeks. Now that we've broken that down, let's look at a womens cotton hoodie as a wardrobe staple and what characteristics make it one.

100% Cotton Fabric

We make it no secret that we have a great appreciation for cotton as a material in just about anything, but for our purposes, especially in clothing. It is an amazing material that really stands out in our minds as being one of the most beneficial and practical for use in clothing. That is why you will see 100% cotton proudly featured across our products and website for everyone to see what material we work with. Just Sweatshirts makes the most out of this fabric by using 100% cotton to create all of our products from T-shirts and sweatpants to sweatshirts and hoodies. Cotton is an ultra-comfortable, breathable fabric that does a great job of regulating body temperature, so you can feel good wearing it throughout the year. For hoodies, it is great because it retains body heat well, so you can stay warmer longer. The breathability of the fabric makes it even better because it allows air to pass through the individual cotton fibers, letting your skin breathe under the hoodie so it does not feel closed off and suffocated the way many synthetic fibers will treat your skin. Cotton is also moisture-wicking, meaning it pulls moisture such as sweat or rain up to the surface of the fabric, allowing it to dry more quickly. This is perfect for wearing your womens cotton hoodie for a workout or in more moderate temperatures, so you do not have to worry about sweating through your clothes and feeling that against your skin all day.

We could go on and on about how great cotton is to wear and work with, but we will say one last point before moving on. We should mention how durable it remains after plenty of washes and wear. Cotton is a naturally strong, durable material that is less likely to tear and fall apart than many other fabrics. We also guarantee that our clothing is less likely to create pilling even after washing and wearing them several times over. They just hold up that well. This means you get more use out of your cotton hoodies and sweatpants before they start to show signs of age than you would get with many synthetic fabrics. Overall, cotton is a fantastic fabric to work with and we are proud to create high-quality products made from 100% cotton that have so much to offer.

Absolutely Comfortable

As we know, cotton is an incredibly comfortable fabric to wear, given its breathability, sweat-resistant and temperature regulating properties. It is overall a great thing to wear almost any time of year and for a variety of different activities. In addition to all of that, cotton is also just a soft fabric that feels great against the skin. Have you ever pulled on a hoodie and just felt immediately cozy? It's like being surrounded by a blanket, but you can actually wear it properly. Even when we look past the fabric itself, the design and fit of a hoodie are just perfect for dressing comfortably. It's great to have clothing in your life that is purely there for comfort. There is a time and a place for everything, and that often means the situation calls for clothing that makes you feel relaxed and life you can move around freely without being constrained by clothing that is too fitted, doesn't stretch, or just feels stuffy in general. When the situation or your mood calls for a womens cotton hoodie, that is exactly what you should be wearing. People so often stick to wearing uncomfortable clothing just for the sake of appearances because they have gotten used to it, but they do not have to do that to themselves and neither do you.

Easy to Style

With athletic wear and more casual clothing becoming increasingly popular in streetwear, hoodies are being seen as much more stylish options for wearing out. It is not just about the garment, but about how you style it. A womens cotton hoodie can easily go from casual and relaxed to stylish and thought-out, just based on how you choose to wear it. For example, lots of women take on the sporty look when heading out to run errands, spend time with friends, etc. This sort of look could include a hoodie, tights and fresh sneakers with jewelry and makeup to elevate the look. It is simple, but feels polished and clean. Some people take things even a step further with an oversized hoodie and coordinating sweatpants to create an entire look based on the idea of casual clothing being stylish. What it all comes down to is how you choose to wear your hoodies, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc. You can wear your hoodie as casual, simple clothing if you want. Or you can put in a little more time to make the outfit seem stylish and on trend. Either way you look at it, you can still walk out the door looking neat, polished, and pulled together wearing a hoodie in your favorite color.

Great Loungewear

Cotton hoodies make excellent loungewear pieces because they can provide just the right balance between comfort and polish, which is what loungewear is all about. It is clothing that you wear casually, normally just to be around the home where the general public will not see you, but some friends or family might. The idea is to look neat and presentable without sacrificing any of your comfort since you are still just trying to stay at home relaxing. You do not need to put up false fronts or pull out all the stops to get dressed up. You just want clothing that feels good on and still makes you feel like you woke up for the day and took a moment to get ready, even if it is to just do chores for the day and relax. A womens cotton hoodie completes this vision perfectly by looking fully presentable, but still feeling at ease in your own home. You can put as little or as much effort into your loungewear as you want, but just know that a hoodie is a great piece to work with.

Cozy Outerwear

As we discussed earlier, heavy cotton hoodies are great at regulating body temperature and retaining heat, making them excellent for cold weather. Both pullover and zip up hoodies make fantastic layering pieces in the winter when it is so important to keep your core warm. Well-fitting hoodies give you a good amount of room to layer sweaters, shirts, or scarves underneath to bulk up your protection from the cold. The jacket layered over a hoodie combination is also a standby for many, giving you extra warmth along with the security of a hood. You can wear your hoodie alone on chilly days or layered up with sweaters, jackets, and coats when you really need to brace yourself for the cold. It is really just a great piece to have during the fall and winter to help you stay warm and cozy in spite of the weather. It is important to dress for the weather any time of year, so when the temperatures drop, you need to have enough of the right pieces to keep you warm. Heavy cotton hoodies do a great job at this and are always a good standby in the winter to wear alone or with other pieces.

Always Reliable

Some pieces in your wardrobe are things that you can just count on every time to perform a certain way. They are the more consistent pieces in your closet that will always fit just right and look the way that you remembered them looking. Clothing like this is great for pulling together quick outfits or handling weight changes when some of your clothes do not fit the same anymore. Because hoodies are meant to be less fitted and more flexible by design, they usually occupy this role in our lives and we just have to be grateful for them. Even when you do not know what else to wear or just can’t be bothered, you always know that you have some consistent, reliable pieces in your drawers just waiting to be pulled over your head or zipped up.

Perfect for Quick Outings

It is good to have outfits that you can throw on for anything that suddenly comes up. For all those times when you need to go to the store to pick something up, you want to have something on hand that is easy to wear. It does not get much easier than simply throwing on a hoodie and shoes to head outside. Even if you are wearing an old T-shirt underneath or one with a silly phrase written right on the front, a hoodie can just cover all that up and give you a good, clean look for running a quick errand. It is not fussy like some other clothes might be when you want or need to get dressed in a hurry. A cotton hoodie works in lots of different scenarios and gives you something you can rely on every time. The hood is an especially nice detail because it can help shield you from snow, rain, or chilly winds. Clothing like hoodies and T-shirts are understandably your go-to clothes and we can’t blame you because most of us feel the same.

After hearing all of these glowing comments about cotton hoodies, you might want to check your own closet and drawers to see if you still have enough cotton hoodies that are actually of a high-quality. If you can't say that you do, you might want to update your wardrobe with one or two premium 100% cotton hoodies for women. Choosing a new hoodie is not too difficult because there is so much flexibility in the styling of it, you can really get away with hoodies of all kinds. It really comes down to smaller details like color, fit, or if you want a zip up hoodie as opposed to a pullover. Aside from that, you should be happy with just about any one of our hoodies, since you are shopping for quality first.

Once you put all of these traits together, you have what we would call a wardrobe essential. All of these characteristics of a womens cotton hoodie add up to create a piece of clothing that we rely on, wear frequently, and enjoy having within arm's reach no matter what. It is comfortable, useful, and still manages to be stylish on top of everything else. A womens cotton hoodie is without a doubt, a staple piece in your closet and one you should wear happily and confidently. If you haven't already, we would recommend you check out our selection for women and see what kind of pullover or zip up hoodie is a good fit for you. Just Sweatshirts has a great range of hoodies for women in different styles, fit, and colors, but all of them have the same great quality fabric and construction for you to enjoy.