The Perks Of All Cotton Sweatshirts

The Perks Of All Cotton Sweatshirts

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Feb 23rd 2021

Let’s face it, comfy loungewear is the superior type of clothing. In times like these, it is now extremely socially acceptable to wear loungewear (or even pajamas) all day. We have surpassed the need to consistently wear fancy blouses, work pants, and uncomfortable shoes. This is primarily because everyone has been confined to their homes and working from home, but the statement still stands. Being primarily comfortable at all times of the day is nothing to complain about and should be embraced.

I’m sure many of us never thought there would be a time where wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts to work would ever be acceptable, but these are trying times. Despite everything going on around us that we are unable to control, there is one small thing that we can control; our comfortability.

Especially since we are well into the cold winter months in most parts of the U.S, this is prime time comfy clothes weather. Even better that we cannot leave our homes because we can now stay in the same sweatshirt for long periods without shame. Doing any sort of task in comfortable clothing seems to make it a bit easier. There is no worse feeling than trying to get some work done in uncomfortable clothing.

It seems that even before we were all confined to the comfort of our homes, many of us probably had quite the extensive sweatshirt, sweatpants, or loungewear collection in our wardrobes. Now more than ever have loungewear and activewear have been at the forefront of modern-day fashion choices. It’s quite common to see at least one person wearing a sweatshirt while running errands or jogging around the neighborhood.

This item of clothing is a universal garment that will never go out of style. Unbeknownst to most, there is a rich history behind the clothing garment that we call a hoodie. Back in the early 1900s, hooded sweatshirts became a part of a uniform for many factory workers. When large warehouses and factories became cold in the winter, laborers would bust out the hoodies while at work.

In the 1970s, the era of loud, extravagant fashion choices, hoodies were a huge part of that fashion trend. Since then, hooded sweatshirts have become a staple in the everyday wardrobe, having many people hoarded a vast collection of these garments in their closets. Although hoodies were originally meant for functionality, they quickly became the epitome of style, comfort, and fashion that holds in the modern-day.

Considering a hoodie’s versatility, it’s no wonder that many men and women have made it their staple wardrobe piece. With so many colors, styles, designs, and brands of hoodies on the market, they are accessible to everyone. However, not all hoodies are made equal. Sure, you can go grab a sweatshirt from your local corporate retail store, but the chances of getting a high-quality sweatshirt that will stand the test of time are slim.

That is why it’s important to invest in good quality hoodies to ensure they last you a long time. Nothing is worse than having to give up your favorite hoodie because it went through some wear and tear. That is why when thinking about buying a new sweatshirt, you should invest in all-cotton sweatshirts.

Why All Cotton Sweatshirts?

With cotton being the most widely available and most used natural fabric for clothing and apparel around the world, it’s about time you see what a 100% cotton sweatshirt can do for you. Cotton is a very versatile material that holds many great qualities. If you have ever bought clothes, there’s a huge chance that you have clothing that has cotton in it.

Cotton is a natural fiber, biodegradable, and renewable resource. This makes it a great choice for clothes making since many clothes end up in landfills when disposed of. All cotton clothing is better for the environment for this reason alone.

However, a lot of clothing that is sold in retail stores is made up of a cotton blend. This means that while you assume you’re buying high-quality clothes, you are most likely getting clothing that is mixed with synthetic fibers, which are not as durable and long-lasting as cotton can be.

Cotton is a unique fabric in a way that it can be worn in all different types of weather. It can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cotton is a breathable fabric when it’s warm and can be insulating when it’s cold outside. That’s why all-cotton sweatshirts are the best thing when it comes to sweatshirts and hoodies.

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