The Complete Guide To Men's Sweatshirts

The Complete Guide To Men's Sweatshirts

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Aug 24th 2020

What piece of clothing could be more iconic than one that Michael Scott wore for his comeback to Dunder Mifflin? Sweatshirts can make or break your look. If done correctly, the right sweatshirt style can take you from drab to fab within minutes.

But since it’s easy to end up looking like a hobo in them, here’s a complete style guide to men’s sweatshirts, so you can cozy up in them every day (even when you’re at work). 

What to look for in the perfect sweatshirt

Choosing a sweatshirt for the tenth time is the same as the first one – equally confusing. Thanks to the infinite color combinations, fabric styles, and designs, shopping for your favorite sweatshirt styles is intimidating. If only there were a guide!

Well, this might help narrow things down for you. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Weight

If you’re thinking who even considers the weight of the sweatshirt when buying one, you’re mistaken. Depending on how and when you’re planning to wear it, you can go for either a heavy or a light sweatshirt. If you buy 100% cotton sweatshirts, know that they will weigh more than any other fabric blend.

  • Style

The best part about sweatshirt styles is that no matter which one you choose, they’re all comfortable. If you prefer to take off the sweatshirt when feeling too hot, going for a full-zip hoodie is often a smarter choice. Zip hoodies are also perfect if you want to layer your look. You can also choose from a variety of half-zip neck sweatshirts, crewneck sweatshirts,slim-fitted loop back hoodie, and heavyweight pullovers.

  • Fabric

Generally, there are three kinds of sweatshirt fabrics – polyester, 100% cotton, and cotton-poly blend. While it’s really a matter of preference, 100% cotton sweatshirts are the way to go. Because sweatshirts are supposed to absorb sweat, cotton sweatshirts serve their purpose. 

  • Trend

Keeping up with the trends is another important aspect to consider when buying a sweatshirt. From zip hoodies to short sleeves, make sure you flow with the trend to avoid ending up with a bad purchase.

  • Design & Pattern

Colors can’t save you if your sweatshirt has a messy print. Although floral designs and blocks are very popular, they turn your sweatshirts into season-specific apparel. For instance, floral sweatshirts may not let you shine during winters as much as they would during spring or fall. On the other hand, plain sweatshirts are classic and a no-brainer all through the year.

How to fashionably wear a sweatshirt without looking sloppy

Simple and striking – that should be your only mantra when you pick up your sweatshirt styles. Because that’s all you need.

Don’t even bother underestimating the power of something that David Rose a.k.a. Dan Levy spent six seasons in. Still, these three tips will make creating your own sweatshirt styles easier for you.

  • Accessorize correctly

To highlight your sweatshirt look, avoid over-accessorizing and wearing everything from your wardrobe. For example, pairing a scarf with a thick metal chain can loosely be referred to as a crime against fashion. Instead, go for a thin neckpiece that complements the scarf and sweatshirt at the same time.

Here’s a tip – When in doubt, pair your sweatshirt with a clean pair of sneakers, a denim or leather jacket, and a solid watch.

And voilà! Your sweatshirt look is complete.

  • Keep the look clean

The purpose of a sweatshirt is to make you look smarter. That’s what makes them the perfect go-to option for every office goer. So, when you wear one, make sure that you follow the ‘less is more’ principle.

Shop for block and solid colors if you’re just starting to make yourself comfortable in sweatshirts. You’ll not only feel great but also look stunning.

  • Be comfortable

Speaking of comfort, avoid being too liberal with the look. Because you don’t want to end up looking like the human version of Sloppy Joe, it’s best to avoid a messy hairstyle, too many especially if you’re in a drab sweatshirt.

Besides, ensure that you buy one that fits you well. Oversized sweatshirt styles might seem tempting because everyone on Instagram wears them, but they’re not the way to go.

The most relevant sweatshirt styles

Now that we’ve already established how important keeping up with the trends is, below are a few relevant sweatshirt styles that never go out of style:

  • Embroidered sweatshirts

Studded sweatshirts are nice, but have you tried an embroidered sweatshirt? The art of embroidery is coming back and you should have at least one embroidered sweatshirt in your wardrobe. And if this is your first time switching from plain to patterns, a small patch of embroidery along the sleeves is the way forward.

  • Grey tones

Whether you’re trying to look like Mark Zuckerberg all through the year or making a style statement, grey-toned sweatshirts are an absolute must-have. And you don’t even have to spend $2,000 on a single sweatshirt, unlike Marko here (Facebook money!). You can get a high-quality, luxurious-looking sweatshirt under $100.

  • Big logos

For a long time, athletes were one of the only few groups that largely embraced sweatshirt styles. And if you know anything about fashion, you’d know that whatever athletes wear, becomes a trend. (Ex. Pajamas, sneakers and fanny packs).

So, designers realized that sportspeople were a walking advertisement opportunity for them. And they quickly caught on. Today, if you don’t want a plain sweatshirt, consider going for those with logos. They’re easily the next best thing.

  • Solid colors

Plain sweatshirts in solid colors will forever remain a classic. Just put on a pair of denim pants and you’re good to go. Whether you’re going to work or a casual party, solid-colored sweatshirts are über versatile and suit any occasion.

  • Political statement

If you’ve got a voice, don’t be afraid to exercise your right. From supporting movements to empowering a community, sweatshirts are the perfect way to put out a political statement without using words. Feeling passionate about the environment or your country? 

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