Revitalize Your Wardrobe With A 100% Cotton Hoodie

Revitalize Your Wardrobe With A 100% Cotton Hoodie

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Nov 9th 2020

It might not have been the first thing you thought of, but if you’ve been paying close attention to trends in fashion, then you’ll definitely come across a little-known secret sooner or later. 100% cotton hoodies are in, and they’re not just in. Trendsetters are getting really creative with how they’re layering up - or down - to reinvigorate old styles and create entirely new styles, all with the help of little more than a 100% cotton sweatshirt or hoodie.

We know the value of a unique look just like we know the value that comes along with high-quality, 100% cotton wear of all sorts. We’ve also kept our eyes open for some of these trends that are starting up and coming back, and believe it or not, one of your best assets is a plain hoodie. Graphic designs might have once made a huge splash, but it’s the versatility of a plain cotton sweatshirt that’s getting away with all of these new styles that are in or up and coming.

We’ve put together some of the best ways you can dress and accessorize with some of our hoodies and other 100% cotton wear that you’ll find here at Just Sweatshirts. Take a look at some of these and you’ll see you really can do it all, even with some of the simplest look out there. All it takes is a sense of attention and a creative spirit.

Loungewear Is In

Naturally, if there’s one thing that a 100% cotton hoodie, however so plain, can provide you, it’s a whole lot of comfort. Soft, warm, strong, and durable, cotton is the wonder-fabric - the one that has lasted through the ages and continues to keep going strong. It’s also not going anywhere anytime soon.

That’s partly due to the reason that even if all of the other fashion trends in this article fall right off the edge of the map, the value of 100% cotton clothing as loungewear will never go out of style. It can’t go out of style; it’s not even really a style. It’s one of those areas of clothing where function and comfort take precedence over form.

Loungewear can’t go out of style because you’ll always need something comfortable to lounge around in, and little is more comfortable than a heavy hoodie or a pair of 100% cotton sweatpants. Little is more comfortable than 100% cotton wear, overall.

But in this case, we’re not just making the claim that cotton is in for loungewear. It goes further than that. 100% cotton loungewear is in as a fashion item. Don’t be surprised if you see people pairing up 100% cotton sweatpants, a hoodie, or a sweater with much more polished pieces of fashion because the pleasant effect that is created by the juxtaposition is very unique.

You’re probably going to see more and more people hitting the town with plain hoodies paired up with much flashier looks, but don’t be surprised. The trend of making loungewear into a fashion statement of its own is on the rise.

Perfect for Athleisure

Come to think of it, we just published a blog on why 100% cotton sweatpants are the perfect athleisure statement. They are, but the versatility of athleisure is a wonderful expression that you will be able to Athleisure is the perfect balance between activewear and loungewear, which is understandably where the name comes from - a portmanteau of ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’ wear. So what exactly is athleisure fashion, and why is it so popular?

Athleisure wear is clothing that you can wear at the gym but is still comfortable enough to lounge around it. It’s like the middle ground between training wear and really toned down casual clothing. Because so many different athletes have trained in cotton sweats for so long, it just naturally adapts to the style.

That brings us back to the “athleisure” look as a fashion statement. Surely enough, you’ll cut the perfect athleisure look on your way back from a workout if you wear cotton sweatpants and a sweatshirt at the gym, but you don’t need the effect to be incidental. You can cultivate it solely for fashionable purposes.

Nothing cuts the athleisure look like a plain gray 100% cotton sweatshirt or a pair of sweatpants, but since the name of the game is fashion, you can decorate yourself in any color you want and still keep the athleisure look. Plus, being able to change up the color and the fit of the 100% cotton clothing you choose will give you the ability to mix and match much more easily with accessories. Gray is great, but color is the spice of life or something like it.

The athleisure market is growing and it has been for a while, and rarely will you be so comfortable in “fashionable” attire as you will be in athleisure wear. That’s just a bonus that comes with the territory. Dress yourself up in your finest or halfway to your finest and you’ll be set to impress whether the setting calls for a toned-down effect or something more done-up.

Layer Up

Another really creative way you can dress up with a 100% cotton hoodie is by layering up, and it will give you the freedom to break away from the look of loungewear or athleisure while still keeping you comfortable. Sometimes, as in this case, the look of a sweatshirt is an accessory piece that completes the overall, without requiring focus.

For example, a great way to style with a hoodie is to wear it underneath another jacket, preferably one that is longer or much more noticeable than the hoodie itself. This adds appeal and function to the arrangement because it will keep you warm while leveling off the display of the overall outfit.

Dress up with a leather jacket or a long wool coat and set the foundation with the plain hoodie. When you wear the jacket open, the hoodie will create a sobering effect for the outfit and it will also add some complexity since it will also show at the throat.

Throw denim or a canvas jacket over your favorite plain hoodie and get an immediately more urban look that needs nothing more than a pair of plain jeans and sharp sneakers to complete the look. Plus you’ll be warm and layered and you’ll have command of that middle ground that is daring and dashing without paying too much attention to the criticism of high fashion.

With that in mind, you can also pair up a smart wool coat or a patterned or plaid jacket with your favorite hoodie to complete a slightly more polished look. Throw in some other garments so you can layer up with a hoodie or a sweater and you can play the look up or down as much as you please.

The interesting thing about layering with a hoodie is how much versatility and range it will offer you, as a general style. But our next category will surprise you. It won’t offer you the same range, but the fact that it is an up and coming trend is remarkable.

Go Formal

Finally, and probably most interestingly, there has been a rising trend among people who have been pairing formal wear with hoodies. This could fall under layering, but since it doesn’t require layering to achieve, it deserves its own measure of attention.

If there were one area of fashion that most people would assume cotton sweatpants or hoodies wouldn’t cross over into, it would probably be formal wear or high fashion. There’s just something about the polished look of formal attire that doesn’t seem to mesh with the look of plain cotton fabric. However, expectations are meant to be shattered. Recently people have been making waves by pairing a hoodie with slacks and a blazer or wearing a jacket over sweatpants.

All you have to do is look up the fashion trends involving hoodies and sweats and you’ll come across enterprising individuals rocking them in conjunction with formal wear. Now, admittedly they’re not letting the hoodie take center stage of the outfit, but they are remarkable for making a statement that can’t be made without a hoodie.

This look is very popular with patterned or textured fabrics and less so with plain fabric, as the movement and the activity of tweed fabric, for example, harmonizes nicely with a plain 100% cotton hoodie. Also, where a fully-tailored look can be seen as “overdressed” in any number of scenarios, pairing your finest with a hoodie really gives a mellowing influence to the entire ensemble.

You can also leave the jacket or the blazer out of the equation and wear a plain 100% cotton sweatshirt over a pair of slacks or trousers, complete with matching dress shoes for a dashingly middle-of-the-road look. It’s neither too overclassed nor entirely informal, which makes it perfect for a startling range of more casual and intimate settings.

Actually, you will quickly see if you start researching the trend that the “formal wear with a hoodie” look is one that will enable you to dress up without looking too “grown-up” or too “immature.” It’s really a dashing balance that will hopefully be here to stay. One note, by the way - pullovers tend to look better with formal wear, as formal wear usually buttons up rather than zippering, and the plain front of a pullover is a humbling influence on the outfit.

100% Cotton for 100% Comfort

Needless you say, you can make any of these styles a reality without the help of a real 100% cotton hoodie, at last categorically. However, as we have mentioned in the past, there’s nothing like 100% cotton garments for comfort and quality, hoodie, or otherwise.

Our recent blog goes over the benefits of 100% cotton in detail, but keep in mind some of these highlights that will remind you that a 100% cotton garment is for life. It’s a naturally well-adapted insulant, and 100% cotton garments will keep you very warm for their weight, but since it is also breathable, it is comfortable in the heat as well. That means you can wear some of these outfits in the summer months as well as through the winter.

Cotton is also naturally very durable, so it will hold its shape even after many seasons of wear and through repeated washings. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic and sustainable, so it’s better for the environment too. Every year, farmers grow cotton, instead of having to produce it in a facility.

When you break it down, there really is nothing like 100% cotton for comfort and quality. A garment you buy today just may become your favorite, and if you care for it you’ll have it for many years to come.

Never a Compromise on Quality

The inherent benefits of 100% cotton aside, here at Just Sweatshirts, our processes are highly refined to bring an even higher level of quality to our customers. Our fabrics are made from heavyweight ring-spun 100% cotton so that it does not pill, and they are even pre-shrunk so that you don’t need to worry about changes in form, shape, or size.

Our quality lends our customers confidence in our product, and the final touch is the selection. If you’re looking for a more form-fitting cut, you’ll probably love the items in our PRIVÉ collection, but if you’re looking for a looser-fitting cut you can take up some of the examples in our other collegiate collection.

Plus, we offer lots of options in zip-up and pullover hoodies, depending on the nature of the look you want to complete with a sweatshirt. We also carry sweatpants, t-shirts, and a number of other comfortable, durable garments in our online store, so you can complete the look you want. Take a look through our catalog, but if you have any questions, don’t be shy about getting in touch with us. Give us a call anytime you have questions or concerns - we love to hear from our customers, and you can reach us by phone at 1-866-888-5878.