2019 Buying Guide For Men’s Hooded Zipper Sweatshirts

2019 Buying Guide For Men’s Hooded Zipper Sweatshirts

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Aug 21st 2019

 Buyer's Guide for Men's Zip-Up Hoodies

In this age of ‘athleisure’ wear, classic men’s hooded zipper sweatshirts are considered fashion-forward items that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. If your sweatshirts are old and ratty, it’s definitely time to get yourself a few new ones. Need to update your wardrobe with new men’s hooded zipper sweatshirts? Then follow this guide.


Consider the material

The secret to keeping yourself comfortable and staying in style is choosing the right type of fabric. Though men’s hooded zipper sweatshirts are made from various types of materials, cotton is still the best. 100% cotton fabric is one of the softest, most comfortable, and breathable types of fabric in the market. They wick moisture excellently and allow for air circulation. That's why you can wear cotton clothes on most days regardless of the weather.

Choose heavyweight fabrics

Heavyweight fabric with higher GSM is not only good in keeping your body warm in winter but also in making you look fashionable. Heavyweight cotton material has always been considered a top-quality fabric because it is durable, thick, and looks more expensive than lightweight or mid-weight fabrics. Such zip-up hoodies can truly take a beating. You can wear and wash them regularly without them pilling, twisting, or shrinking.


Keep the classics

When it comes to classic men’s basics, the black or gray zip-up hoodie take the top spot. Its timeless look will never go out of style. A plain black men's hooded zipper sweatshirt with drawstrings and ribbed trips at the cuffs and hem is a classic outfit that anyone can pull off. You can pair it with your tracksuit, pants, and jeans without trouble.

Get the right fit

Zip-up hoodies are slimmer than regular pullover hoodies. Still, you should carefully consider the size to ensure the best fit. Today, slim-cut hoodies are more preferred because they hug the body.