The Privé Collection: The Best Hoodies From Just Sweatshirts

The Privé Collection: The Best Hoodies From Just Sweatshirts

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Nov 4th 2019

What are the best hoodies out there? Everyone will have their own answer; their own preferred brands, types, and looks. However, we think everyone can at least agree that we want to feel good and look good in one. With that said, we at Just Sweatshirts would like to take our hoodie off the rack and show you. 

Here is some information on The Privé Collection, a new line of high-end luxury sweatshirts that we designed ourselves.

What is the Privé Collection?

European clothing can be quite different from American clothing. The former typically features medium-length sleeves, neither long nor short, and a slimmer body as well. As a result, their shirts are much less loose. These ideas are increasingly becoming trendy across the pond, and more American men are adopting form-fitting shirts.

The Privé Collection was created with the goal of bringing European sensibilities to American fashion. There is another goal: elevating the sweatshirt, including the hoodie, from a staple of casual wear to a luxurious and stylish type of clothing. We do not see a contradiction between these concepts. Our designs are high-quality and high-end precisely because we apply some of the stylistic principles that are so prized overseas. 

Under the Hood

The Privé Collection reveals and unlocks the fashion potential in hooded sweatshirts, both of the pullover and zipper varieties. To see what we mean, look no further than the design of the hood itself. It is constructed in three parts, like a traditional symphony, and each panel in the trio is handcrafted. Their longevity is extensive due to the flatlock seam style used in its creation. Additionally, the sides are ribbed for the wearer’s comfort.

The result of all of these details and practices is a hood as form-fitting as the rest of the shirt. It is functional yet fashionable, meaning the hooded sweatshirts in the collection are elegant takes on a casual classic.

Tailored for Style and Comfort

The hood is not the only notable and well-made part of the hoodie. The rest of the luxury sweatshirt itself is designed in a way that blends a relaxed feel — the “sweatshirt” part — with European-influenced sophistication — the “luxury” part. They are the opposite of baggy and stand out from the crowd in shape alone. For the most part, the colors come in black, white, and classy muted shades.

In the end, The Privé Collection was made with the wearer in mind. Each and every article of clothing created for the Collection is made with 100% cotton for maximum breathability. It is all woven and sewn and tailored by hand. The 3-piece hoodie is made from 100% cotton and features comfortable cross-grained front and back panels with ribbed sides for maximum comfort and style. We are well aware that cotton shrinks in the initial wash, so we prewashed them for the consumer’s fit and convenience.

Get the Best Hoodies at Just Sweatshirts

Pair a Privé hoodies with your favorite pair of jeans, boots, or sneakers. They look great with all kinds of accessories so you can dress them up or down with your favorite hats, scarves, bracelets and sunglasses.

The Privé Collection is a Just Sweatshirts clothing line, and as a result, it is exclusive to our online store. These luxury cotton sweatshirts are available for purchase right now, so visit our website today and check out the selection for yourself. While you are there, why not check out the rest of our selection as well? Everything on our site is designed to be a solid answer for the question that started all this: what are the best hoodies out there?