Are 100% Cotton Sweatpants Worth It?

Are 100% Cotton Sweatpants Worth It?

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Jan 5th 2021

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or just doing a little bit of holiday shopping for friends and family, someone is bound to get some clothing along the way. With all the buzz about sustainability and value, you’re going to come across arguments for natural fibers all over the place, and one of the best of them is cotton.

In truth, cotton is one of the finest fabrics that mankind has ever produced, which statement is lent no small measure of credence by the fact that cotton has been used in textile production for thousands of years. Cotton has probably been used to make fabrics since before recorded history.

It’s not just a matter of convenience. If you’re shopping for 100% cotton sweatpants, you may have some questions of your own about whether or not pure cotton is really worth it when you can so easily get so many different blends or substitutions. For form and fashion, don’t be fooled - 100% cotton sweatpants are still the best you can get, and here’s why.

- It’s breathable

Right out of the gate, cotton makes a strong case for itself just by virtue of the fact that cotton fabrics are naturally breathable. The problem with blends, no matter how seductive they may sound on paper, is that blends made from synthetic fibers rarely breathe as cotton does.

When fabric doesn’t breathe, it gets stuffy and traps moisture. When it gets stuffy and traps moisture, two very unpleasant things happen. One is that you will be less comfortable, and the second is that the fabric will then become a breeding ground for microbes. Cotton, which is completely breathable, naturally forestalls both of these issues.

In addition, this breathability makes cotton a truly all-weather fabric. Everyone knows that soft cotton fabrics are warm in the winter, but not enough credit has been given to cotton as a fabric for the warmer months. Not that you should wear a heavy sweater in June, but you’d be surprisingly comfortable if you did. Since cotton is breathable, it’s uniquely able to keep you warm in the winter without overheating you in the summer.

- It’s strong

Cotton is also a naturally very resilient fiber that responds well to stresses. Whereas other fibers, both synthetic and natural, are prone to breaking due to mechanical stress (or chronic stress) cotton fibers keep going strong for a long time. In fact, with the right care and attention, a cotton garment can last you for many years.

In addition, since cotton is naturally resistant to breaking, shrinking, and loss of form, if you care for your clothing, you can expect it to keep its shape. The same can’t be said for many garments made of synthetic fibers that will stretch or shrink or otherwise lose their form. Many of them can’t even be exposed to heat without loss of structure. Cotton will keep its shape and stay comfortable and attractive for many years.

- It’s hypoallergenic

Cotton also deserves an uncommon measure of respect for the fact that it is hypoallergenic. Even other synthetic fibers that will not irritate the skin can become grounds for bacteria or allergens that will irritate the skin, and cotton, when properly cared for, will not.

This is one of the reasons that so many undergarments and delicate clothing for babies are made from cotton. It’s also one of the reasons that pure cotton bed sheets are some of the best bed sheets you can buy. Cotton will not irritate the skin, even of the most sensitive individuals, and for that reason alone, cotton is worth the price. The price isn’t even high, to begin with!

- It’s really soft and comfortable!

If the above reasons weren’t adequate to turn the tide in favor of 100% cotton sweatpants, perhaps the reckoning of ultimate comfort is enough to do so. The fact of the matter is that cotton is luxuriously soft and comfortable, and it’s hard to beat the comfort, especially in a pair of sweatpants. In fact, part of the premise of wearing sweatpants is because they are soft and comfortable, and you just can’t beat cotton for comfort.

A well-loved pair of cotton sweatpants just might be the most comfortable piece of clothing in your repertoire, especially when it’s free from synthetic fibers. Pair up some of the other strengths of cotton that we’ve mentioned so far in this article and you have a real winning combination. Naturally soft, breathable, and plush, cotton can’t be topped for comfort.

- It’s easy to care for

Then there’s the fact that most cotton garments don’t have particularly long lists of requirements for care. When they get dirty, wash them. It’s not like they need to be dry cleaned or treated by a specialist like some clothing does.

Spot cleaning can actually take care of a lot of the burden of maintenance, but even when cotton clothing does become dirty, it’s really just a domestic affair, which means it is simple and not expensive. Compare that to costly synthetics or specialty fabrics like wool or leather that need very specific care.

Cotton gives you superstar performance without even coming with a price tag to match or even a laundry list of specialty care considerations. With 100% cotton clothing, you really get more for less.

- It’s a naturally produced fiber

On top of these facts that make cotton tops for clothing production, it is a naturally produced fiber, which brings along a whole load of benefits of their very own. For one, cotton is grown, and not produced, which means that it is easier on the earth. Growing cotton is an agricultural process, which means that there is less of a strain on the environment. Basically, growing cotton requires a bit of land, some water, and some sunlight. That’s all there is to it, and, additionally, you can produce cotton every growing season.

That also means cotton is a sustainable, renewable resource. To produce synthetics from hydrocarbons requires not only intensive harvesting processes but also burdensome, expensive, and harmful production capabilities.

Some synthetics incur the release of harmful chemicals into the environment, and even those that don’t will eventually end up back in the earth where they started from, and that itself is another considerable issue. Not only can you grow more cotton year after year to replenish the supply, but it is also not harmful to the environment when it returns to it.

- It’s biodegradable

Last, but not least, cotton is biodegradable. As mentioned, cotton doesn’t produce any harmful chemicals of its own, and the production of cotton fabric is much easier on the environment than many popular synthetics. However, the goodness doesn’t end there. Cotton is also biodegradable which really completes the process of sustainability.

Not only can you grow cotton fabric every year, but old cotton garments can eventually be returned to the earth, in some form or other. Cotton fibers can be repurposed to be useful for a long time even after clothing has lived out its useful life, but even if cotton ends up in a landfill, the fibers themselves will not be a burden on the earth.

Not to Mention Versatility!

Those are just some of the perks of 100% cotton fabric, but when you’re looking for a comfortable pair of sweatpants the love doesn’t end there. Yes, they should be made from pure cotton, but their versatility cannot be understated.

For one thing, a comfortable pair of cotton sweatpants can be your best friend throughout all of the seasons of the year, and not just in the cooler months. If there’s a cool summer morning, throw on your favorite pair. They’re great for cuddling up in the cold nights of the winter. When you’re lounging around the home, nothing beats a good, reliable, comfortable pair of 100% cotton sweatpants.

By the way, they’re not just great for wearing around the house. Get it out of your head that cotton fabric is just a lounge look. Even if you can’t break yourself of that perception, realize this - it’s 2020, and loungewear is in, even as a fashion statement.

Nowadays you can wear a comfortable pair of 100% cotton sweatpants like you used to be able to wear a pair of jeans. Pair them with a graphic tee or one of your other favorite tops. Don’t get dressed in your finest evening blazer, but that’s about as far as the limitations go.

You can also pair sweatpants up with a cotton hoodie or a sweatshirt to complete the look. You can wear sweatpants over slippers or even sneakers for a toned-down look. In essence, sweatpants are some of the most versatile garments out there, and with today’s fashion, you can do almost everything with them except attend black-tie events.

What We Provide

You might be wondering at this point where you can sign up for a pair of the best and the most comfortable cotton sweatpants that money can buy. Well, to keep things light, you’re in the right place. Here’s what we offer here at Just Sweatshirts that makes even more of a difference.

- 100% cotton sweatpants (and other garments)

For one thing, we have one of the largest collections of 100% cotton garments on the web, and that’s not just limited to cotton sweatpants.

Here in our store, you’ll find a broad collection of hoodies, sweatshirts, pullovers, cotton t-shirts, and much more, all with the intention of providing you with the best styles and comfort that money can buy. Many of them are made from heavyweight cotton, which is stronger, plusher, and more comfortable than the lightweight fabrics that other producers use.

- Pre-Shrunk Fabric

We mentioned above that cotton is remarkably resilient to wear, stretching, and shrinking, and that’s generally true. However, one of the tricks we keep up our sleeves is that we pre-shrink the fabrics we use before we even cut it.

What this does is give some “shape fastness” to the fabric, for lack of a better term. Cotton might be naturally resilient, but pre-shrinking it prior to cutting makes it even more resistant to change and better able to withstand constant wear.

- Ring-Spun Fabric

Another thing we do to ensure the viability and durability of our 100% cotton garments is to use ring-spun fabric in the making of our clothing.

Have you ever noticed those little fluffy balls that pile up on the outside of old cotton clothing, especially cotton clothing that has been washed multiple times? That’s called pilling, and what it is a small matted mass of loose cotton fibers that have been washed out and become aggregated on the surface of the fabric.

It’s not just the first step to a garment becoming threadbare, it’s also unsightly and mildly uncomfortable. You may have guessed it, but ring-spun fabric will help to prevent pilling.

- Unforgettable style and plenty of it

Finally, another benefit of shopping with us is in the diversity of styles we offer. There’s no shortage of either style or quality here, and while we’ve already shed some light on quality, it’s time to give fashion a little exposé.

Whether you’re looking for something informal like a regular pair of sweatpants or you want that modern, slim-cut look that you’ll get from our PRIVÉ collection, there’s something here for everyone, and to suit every taste. We even have a collection of plain and colored t-shirts, along with the classic cuts of our collegiate collection.

Give Us a Call

If you never thought shopping through a refreshed collection of cotton garments could be so difficult, we understand. Don’t fall prey to paralysis by analysis. Give us a call if you get lost or have questions about our clothing or how we do what we do and we would be thrilled to help.

The mission to provide ultimate comfort is not without its challenges, and one of them is providing the highest level of customer service possible. Any time you’d like to learn a little more or even garner some recommendations, just give us a call at 1-866-888-5878.