When To Wear 100% Cotton Sweatpants For Women

When To Wear 100% Cotton Sweatpants For Women

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Aug 10th 2022

You can’t go wrong with a pair of 100% cotton sweatpants. Women need at least one pair. Why? They’re comfy, they’re relaxing, they’re stylish, and they go with almost everything. If you’re looking to make sweatpants a wardrobe staple, you first need to find the perfect pair to add to your closet.

How to Find the Perfect 100% Cotton Sweatpants Women

If you want to find the perfect sweatpants, there are some key features to look for. Here’s our checklist:

100% Cotton

You most definitely want to find a pair of sweatpants that are 100% cotton, meaning they will be exceptionally soft but also durable and resilient to weather. These are most definitely sweatpants you can wear anywhere, anytime and still feel comfortable.

Comfy Shape

When you wear sweatpants, you should instantly feel cozy and comfortable. You want to be able to wear them while strolling around the city or while curled up with a book. So they should not just be soft but shaped just right. The best sweatpants are roomy, giving you a cozy feeling like you’re under a blanket.


Ladies, this is a MUST these days! We’re sick of the war on pockets in women’s fashion! Our 100% cotton sweatpants have two side pockets that are big enough to carry your wallet, phone, and more! This will free up your hands, leaving you feeling even more free and relaxed.


The best cotton sweatpants are not frumpy. While they are roomy and relaxed, you’ll notice that high-quality sweatpants still have a shape. Look for elastic cuffs, a reinforced waistband, and drawstrings. This will ensure that the sweatpants are not only quality but will be flattering on any shape.


You are going to want options. Everyone has their own style preferences and wardrobe to match. You’ll need a pair of sweatpants that matches the majority of your clothes and accentuates your style. Ours come in cute pastel colors like pink, blue, and yellow, as well as black for a more classic option.

When to Wear 100% Cotton Sweatpants Women

Once you have picked out the perfect sweatpants, you’re ready to wear it just about anywhere. Some people believe that sweatpants are only good for lounging around, but with the right pair that’s totally not the case. Here are some occasions that almost require sweatpants.

Beach Stroll

You may be thinking about a bathing suit initially, but in the evening you probably want something a bit warmer. While you’re casually walking along the water, wearing a pair of sweatpants will keep you warm and comfortable. They’re casual enough to give you that beachy vibe while also having enough fabric to keep you protected from the wind.

Cafe Work Session

Even remote workers want to see people here and there (sometimes). When you want to leave your office and get some fresh air, some coffee, or be in a more vibrant environment, put on your sweatpants and head to a trendy cafe with WiFi. You’ll be stylish and comfortable while taking calls, typing up things, and people watching.

Casual Workout

Whether you want to play a quick game of basketball, take a hike, or take a short jog, sweatpants can make it all the more enjoyable in colder months. Sometimes you just don’t want to be in tight spandex and that’s okay!

See a Movie

There are two things movie theaters are known for: expensive popcorn and weirdly cold theaters. If you want to be comfortable while checking out the latest action flick on IMAX, wear some comfy sweatpants to keep your legs from becoming uncomfortably chilly. You may also want to sneak in some candy but you didn’t hear it from us.

Road Trip

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable while driving for a long while. Imagine jeans digging into your skin as you sit for hours on end. It’s always best to be super comfy while driving for that long. Our cotton sweatpants are also stylish enough that if you stop at a diner you won’t look like you just woke up from a nap while snoring in the passenger seat.

Formal Dinner

I bet you didn’t expect to see this one here! But our sweatpants can be dressed up for almost any occasion, even a nice dinner. With the right jewelry and shoes, sweatpants can be transformed from chill attire to trendy streetwear.


Okay, we couldn’t help it. These sweatpants are most definitely perfect for when you’re lounging at home, too - it can’t be denied! You can wear them while playing video games, feeling comfy as you game for hours. You can wear them while you’re curled up in bed reading a good book. You may even want to sleep in them! That’s how versatile sweatpants can be. Whether you’re at a nice dinner, going on a hike, or relaxing while binging a TV show, you can wear 100% cotton sweatpants.