Ultra Soft Ladies Classic Sweatpants 100% Cotton

Our NEW Ultra Soft 100% Cotton Ladies sweatpants 16oz medium-weight are Constructed for durability with a classic roomy fit style. Features re-enforces elastic waistband with flat lace drawstring and elastic cuffs..

Is there really anything quite as comfortable and comforting as coming home after a long day and slipping on your favorite pair of cotton sweatpants, ladies? While you are likely to say “absolutely not,” we may have created something that is likely to change your answer: our line of 100% cotton ultra soft ladies' classic sweatpants. This collection of sweatpants seamlessly integrates everything you could ever want out of a classic pair of sweats and some extra alluring features:

  • 100% cotton, which means more room for a material that is soft, resilient to weather, sturdy, and exceptionally soft
  • Ultra-soft– yes, a pair of cotton sweatpants that is even softer than classic cotton sweatpants
  • Two side pockets for convenient storage and item-carrying
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Re-enforced waistband with flat laced drawstring
  • No pilling after washing
  • Classic sweatpant comfort and roominess
  • Gorgeous colors to choose from!

What else could you want for a high-quality pair of sweatpants? Browse all of our 100% cotton ultra soft ladies’ classic sweatpants and find the perfect pair (or pairs!) for you and your wardrobe today!