Tips For Buying 100% Cotton Hoodies Wholesale

Tips For Buying 100% Cotton Hoodies Wholesale

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Dec 23rd 2021

Buying wholesale products is all about finding the perfect mixture of traits that you want for your store and your customers. You want the perfect products, for the right prices, at a great level of quality, and you want it all in one.

While you shop for 100% cotton hoodies wholesale, there are some things that you want to do or consider to make sure you can get the perfect products that you wanted. Here are our tips to help make your wholesale shopping experience a bit easier.

Compare Quality of Products
When you pick out the pure cotton hoodies that you want to offer to your customers, one of the first things that you should absolutely take seriously is the quality of the products you are purchasing.

We take quality very seriously here at Just Sweatshirts, and we try to pass this message along to our customers. We do not want anyone to settle for anything subpar and not up to our particular standards. If you choose quality every time, your customers will be able to enjoy that as well.

When you purchase 100% cotton hoodies wholesale from us, you are getting premium hoodies made from pure cotton and quality construction. Everything is well-made and designed to stand up well over time so that people can really enjoy the pieces they get. While you look for hoodies that you want to purchase wholesale, make sure that you do not settle for anything less than high-quality.

Ask Questions Early On
We really want to encourage people to adopt and maintain the habit of asking questions whenever you need anything cleared up. There is no easier way to find something out than to simply ask the question directly and await your response.

That is why we have such an attentive customer service team at Just Sweatshirts. We want to be sure that anyone who is interested in our products, retail or wholesale, has access to additional details about our products and how we operate. With wholesale orders especially, you want to be sure of the pieces you are getting because you are spending more to receive larger quantities. This is a business expense and you want the transaction to go smoothly. Even if you are not sure that you are going to be placing an order, please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have ahead of time. We want you to be confident with your decision, so feel free to ask us anything before placing an order.

Select the Right Design & Fit
Before you make your purchase of 100% cotton hoodies wholesale, you first need to decide on the design you are going to go with. Hoodies are not all made the same and there are quite a few types of designs you can choose from for your store. Out of all these options, you will want to select the right one(s) and move forward with those.

Generally with hoodies, the differences are not incredibly obvious at first, but become more clear with closer inspection, so you want to consider what your customers will want the most and order that. You should first decide if you want to pick out men's or women's hoodies for your customers. This will depend on who you normally serve and what your target audience looks like. It is usually a good idea to purchase both to make sure these body types are represented, as these pieces are cut differently and designed to fit different bodies.

Aside from that, you will also want to decide on the weight on the fabric. Heavyweight hoodies are incredibly popular because of how warm and cozy they are. They are great for the colder seasons for staying warm and act as a fantastic layering piece with other jackets or coats. The fabric of the 100% pure cotton makes our heavyweight hoodies even better because it is a super soft material that feels great against the skin and gets even softer throughout the years.

Medium weight hoodies are also a good choice if you want to offer your customers a warm hoodie that is not quite as thick and cozy as the heavyweight option. It is lighter and can be worn more casually throughout the year in or out of the home.

The final point we want to discuss as it relates to design and fit for your 100% cotton hoodies is related to the presence or absence of a zipper. People have some very strong opinions about which is preferable in a hoodie: a pullover or a zip-up. While both are comfortable, warm, and cozy, the type of closure they have changes the experience of wearing them for many and makes people feel strongly one way or the other.

A pullover hoodie really feels cozy like a blanket being wrapped around the body and it makes many people feel more secure since there is no zipper that might slide down and expose them to the cold. They feel wrapped up securely and warmly.

A zip-up hoodie, on the other hand, acts as a great layering piece since it gives you the option to leave it open or not, with or without something underneath since there is enough room. People often like these because they allow them the option to either wear it open, closed, or partly zipped, so it is quite flexible. As you can tell, you have many options available for choosing the exact designs you want when buying 100% cotton hoodies wholesale. You want to decide among these factors and choose the ones that will be best received by your customers.

We wanted to offer up some advice we had for those of you who are interested in purchasing some 100% cotton hoodies wholesale but want to know that they are getting the exact kind of product that they hoped for. These are some tips that we think should help you to keep things in perspective so that you can focus on the things that matter and have a better chance of being fully satisfied with your purchase. Check out any of our hoodies here and send us a message about wholesale inquiries if you are interested in anything, even if you are not quite sure. We would be happy to help you, so feel free to reach out.