Ladies, Here Are 8 Style Tips For Your Zip Up Hoodie!

Ladies, Here Are 8 Style Tips For Your Zip Up Hoodie!

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on May 16th 2022

You read that title right: a style guide for your zip up hoodie.

We know what you’re thinking. A hoodie isn’t primarily for style or fashion of any kind. It’s typically the one garment you can slip on over your sweats to go run quick errands or lounge on the couch while binge-watching your favorite TV show.

While you aren’t entirely wrong, we do believe that this is a bit of an inside-the-box mentality. That’s because you can wear your zip up hoodie as a fashion accessory– if you pair it with the right outfit pieces. But, don’t worry: you don’t have to make too much of an effort to look stylish in your hoodie!

That’s precisely what this style guide aims to provide you: a refreshing take on your trusty hoodie so you can up the style but still feel comfortable and cozy! And this goes for all options, including heavy zip up hoodies and beyond! Here are just eight great styling ideas for your hoodie– without the discomfort of high fashion!

1.Tie It Around Your Waist with a Crop Top and Biker Shorts
Remember when tying your sweatshirt around your waist wasn’t “hip?” Well, times have changed and we are here for it. Wrapping and tying your hoodie around your waist is officially “in,” which is exceptional for not only convenience (where else would you rather put your hoodie when it’s too hot to wear?) but also fashion!

You can wrap your heavy zip up hoodie or other hoodie around your waist– but don’t forget the rest of your outfit! Be sure to wear a cute crop top and, for added pizzazz, wear a pair of biker shorts (that’s right– they’re back in style, too!).

2.Skater Dress with Boots or Strappy Sandals
Don’t be alarmed by the word “dress” in the title of this section. We know that dresses aren’t typically “chillax,” but hear us out. A skater dress hugs your top just right then flows down from your waist, making for a casual, comfortable, and cool dress option.

Pop on a skater dress and toss your favorite heavy zip up hoodie on top: a true dynamic duo! Don’t forget about your other accessories, especially your shoes. Depending on the weather (and your personal preference), opt for either a pair of boots or strappy sandals!

3.Over or Tied Around a Jumpsuit
We’re jumping headfirst into the jumpsuit trend and we highly recommend you follow suit. A jumpsuit is essentially a one-piece garment that combines a top and pants all into one place. It’s comfortable, casual, and fashionable all at once! What’s really not to love?

You can slip right into your favorite jumpsuit, whether it be solid-colored or patterned, then throw your hoodie on top. Or, if you really want to be double stylish, you can tie your hoodie around your waist atop your jumpsuit!

As for shoes, that’s free reign. Whatever you think looks the best is the best choice! Sneakers, flats, sandals, booties– it’s up to you!

4.Halter Crop Top with Baggy Jeans
Baggy jeans have exploded in popularity in the last couple of years and it’s high time you use it to your advantage. Baggy jeans can be tantalizing but are especially ideal because they aren’t clingy or tight-fitting, making for an ideal piece of comfortable clothing for your “casual” fit!

With your baggy jeans, we highly recommend nearly any top of your choice, but we especially believe a halter crop top is an excellent choice! This is because the baggy jeans and the hoodie are so loose-fitting that you need a top to counterbalance them. That’s why a halter crop top is your best bet (plus, it’s comfortable to wear as it won’t rise up and will overall stay put!).

5.Off-Shoulder with Leggings and Sneakers (Think Sporty Chic!)
You could always opt to wear your hoodie as it was originally intended, but that can get old fast. Why not switch up the narrative and slip one shoulder off? By wearing just one shoulder of your hoodie, you evoke an unequivocal “cool vibe” (and you’re more likely to receive and enjoy a refreshing cool breeze if you need one!).

With your off-shoulder hoodie, we recommend sporting a “fabletic” fit. We’re thinking along the lines of a pair of leggings and sneakers. Your sneakers can either be fashionable or your legitimate running shoes. Either way, you’ll look eye-catchingly sporty chic!

6.Classic Wear with Jeans and Graphic T-Shirt
While we do love to change up recurring things in our lives for a refreshed and different perspective, you really cannot go wrong with classics. In almost complete contrast to our last point, you can indeed still choose to wear your hoodie as you classically would!

On top of that, wear it with a pair of your favorite jeans and a graphic T-shirt. You’ll have a classic look that will look exceptional now and for years to come!

7.Shorts and a Tank Top

Even during the warmest months, there are still dewy and chilly mornings and evenings. You can prepare for all the temperatures by wearing your hoodie over your summer outfit! This will keep you comfortably warm during those chillier hours of the day but can also be easily shed if you get too hot (and then wrapped around your waist for added style!).

By wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top beneath your sweatshirt, you are ready for the heat and humidity, even during midday. Plus, they’ll both perfectly compliment your hoodie!

8.Vibrant Sweatpants and High Tops
Ready to really make a fashion statement? Then try wearing your casual hoodie atop a vibrant pair of sweatpants! Your sweatpants can be one solid and bright color or boast a unique, eye-popping pattern. When you wear such sweatpants, take your outfit a step further and slap on your high top sneakers!

You’ll appear fashionable yet retro all at the same time– and we love to see that.

Now that you have a better idea of how to casually style a heavy zip up hoodie or really any zip up sweatshirt, you should check out our premium options! We have numerous sweatshirts and hoodies available for you to choose from to match all your comfort levels and styling preferences!