Ladies, Here Are 8 Style Ideas For Your Cotton Sweatpants

Ladies, Here Are 8 Style Ideas For Your Cotton Sweatpants

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Jun 28th 2022

Who said that sweatpants are only meant to be worn while lounging around the house? It sure wasn’t us!

When you wear 100% cotton sweatpants out in public, you’ll not only look exceptional but you’ll also be extremely comfortable to boot. Because of the unique look and coziness of these particular sweatpants, you can wear them nearly anywhere you want!

When you do wear your favorite pair of cotton sweatpants while out and about, though, you should enhance its appearance (and your own!) by styling them just right. Without further ado, here is our list of eight style ideas for your 100% cotton sweatpants!

1. Add a Matching Crop Top for a DIY Matching Set

The crop top look is very “in” right now (and has been for quite some time!). You can wear your favorite crop top with your sweatpants because it will perfectly offset the loose-fitting nature of your sweatpants. But, when you wear a crop top that sublimely matches the design or color of your pants, you’ll be rocking a DIY matching set!

And, for those who don’t already know, matching sets are even more in right now than crop tops (if that’s even possible!)! Double the fashion statement, double the style.

2. Pair It with a Tight-Fitting Sweater and Fashion Sneakers

When the weather gets a bit chillier, there is nothing more we like to wear than sweatpants on bottom and a cozy sweater on top. By pairing these two luxuriously soft items together, you will provide yourself with an immaculate ‘fit and be comfortable in it!

We suggest opting for a more tighter-fitting sweater (again, to offset the loose-fitting nature of your sweatpants) and wearing fashionable sneakers to really “tie” the entire look together.

3. Flip-Flops, Popping Shades, and a Tank

Is it a bit sunnier and warmer outside? Not to worry: you can still wear your 100% cotton sweatpants comfortably– even in the summer! Slip these fuzzy pants on and wear other more weather-appropriate items with them, such as flip-flops, a tank top, and eye-catching sunnies (“see” what we did there?).

The combination of all of these components will provide you with an outfit that will be undeniably cozy and highly enviable!

4.Roll Up the Bottom to Mid-Calf

Another great fashion statement is wearing sweatpants or joggers that come to mid-calf. This style will not only keep you cooler during warmer days but will also add unquestionable style to your overall outfit! Wear your preferred top and shoes (lots of room here for creativity!) and you’re ready to take on the day.

5.Opt for an Athleisure ‘Fit!

Athleisure is a very hot style right now that seamlessly combines comfortable exercise clothes and fashionable styles. You can wear your favorite athleisure while out and about, and that certainly includes your cotton sweatpants.

Wear an exercise-friendly top (crop top sports tank, sports bra, T-shirt, or other) and your workout sneaks along with your sweatpants for a truly enticing athleisure look!

6. Or Dress Them Up with High Heels and a Blazer

If you’re looking to make a real impact with your sweatpants, then try dressing them up! You can wear a pair of your favorite high heels with your preferred cotton sweatpants since they reach your ankles and make it easy to flaunt your heels.

Don’t forget to dress up your top too! Wear nearly any top you deem worthy and really amp up your entire look by topping it off with a blazer. Bonus points if you leave it perched on your shoulders for an accentuating professional (and boss

7.Wear a Zip-Up Hoodie and a Beanie

If you’d like to incorporate a comfy, cozy sweatshirt with your sweatpants for optimal comfort, then you certainly can do that as well! We highly recommend wearing a zip-up hoodie in particular to really complete your entire outfit (clearly we are huge advocates of matching sets!).

We also believe that the cherry on top of this particular style is a beanie hat, as it adds depth to your look and can be perfectly worn with the hood up or down.

8. Wear a Baggy Zip-Up Hoodie on One Shoulder and Cute Top

There are other options in terms of wearing your zip-up hoodie as well. You can wear it off the shoulder if you are comfortable doing so (one-shoulder garments are very popular right now), especially when it has a baggier style.

Beneath your sweatshirt, we recommend wearing a crop top, halter top, or tank top. These will perfectly offset the baggy nature of both your sweatpants and sweatshirt all the while allowing you to show off a little shoulder with your look as well!

Your favorite 100% cotton sweatpants don’t have to be confined to your home. Let them free and wear them outside so you can effortlessly look and feel your best! Be sure to browse all of our cotton sweatpants and sweatshirts today to really amp up your wardrobe.