Fall/Winter Running Essentials You Need To Continue Training In Cold Weather

Fall/Winter Running Essentials You Need To Continue Training In Cold Weather

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Oct 4th 2022

Plenty of runners will tell you that autumn is their favorite season for running. It’s a lot cooler, which means that you won’t get dehydrated as quickly. The lower temperatures also help prevent your heart rate from spiking, allowing you to run and enjoy the beautiful outdoors for much longer. Additionally, parks and trails tend to be less crowded in the fall months, leading all the way up to winter. This means getting more miles in without having to weave in and out of throngs of people.

To stay safe, though, you’ll have to gear up appropriately. Cotton hoodies for women, such as the ones we offer here on Just Sweatshirts, will become your new best friends, in addition to warm layers and other accessories that’ll keep you from freezing out there. Here are our recommendations:

Hoodies & Sweaters

Hoodies have long enjoyed a place of honor in the closets of female runners everywhere. Cozy and comfortable cotton hoodies for women, particularly the ones sold in our shop, are suitable for all weather conditions. They’re soft, they go with everything, and the hood provides additional protection for your head in a sudden downpour or through snow fall.

100% cotton hoodies have near-magical properties, too: they can keep you cool in the hotter months, and warm when the temperature starts to drop. Cotton is a natural fiber that absorbs and wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin, helping you stay dry. Meanwhile, its tightly-formed structure is excellent at retaining heat.

For best results, you’ll want to layer your 100% cotton hoodie with base layers and running tops that make use of performance fabrics that are lightweight and fast-drying. Go for ones that cover your arms, all the way down to your wrists, and if it’s extra cold out, opt for a turtleneck collar.

In the months between fall and winter, we highly recommend one of our ultra soft cotton hoodies for women, available in 100% cotton. You may also want to look at our PRIVÉ Collection for cotton hoodies for women in a more European, slim-fitting style. For those that are looking to use a hoodie as an outer layer, check out our ladies hooded zipper sweatshirts, made with 100% cotton Maché Terry fabric.


Depending on where you live and what the weather conditions are like there, you may also need an outer layer that can protect you from wind, water, and extreme temperatures without hampering your movement.

Materials and fabrics for outer layers should be chosen carefully. Down vests are a great choice that offer both insulation and protection from wind, rain, and even snow flurries. Lightweight thermal jackets that offer warmth but remain breathable should also be in your arsenal if you plan on running outside when it’s below freezing.

If the climate is fickle, go for a light windbreaker that you can easily take off and stow away somewhere should the sun decide to poke its head out of the clouds. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for waterproof gear that’ll keep the rain or snow off your back without turning you into a sweaty mess at the end of your run if you live in a rainy area.


Running in the -ber (brr?) months means putting your trusty running shorts away for the season and swapping them out for bottoms that, again, will keep you insulated from the cold and protect you from the elements.

For women, this usually means reaching for workout leggings, running pants, and thermal tights. Sweatpants may be more comfortable, but we don’t recommend running in them, as the extra fabric can make it harder to run against the wind. Additionally, they could hamper your movement, causing you to trip and fall.

If you plan on hitting the trails at night, look for bottoms that have reflective elements. These will help others see you in the dark and prevent accidents. Compression leggings or tights can also be a good idea, as these can help minimize lower leg fatigue and boost your circulation for improved recovery.

Gloves & Accessories

Protecting your hands and fingers from the chill will become necessary as soon as the thermostat drops to a certain number. They’re the ones that will feel it first, so gloves are not optional.

You don’t have to put your paws into thick mittens or ski gloves immediately, though. Instead, go for options that are lightweight and minimalistic, just enough to cover your fingertips all the way up to your wrists. We especially like gloves that allow you to operate your phone or easily swipe at your smartwatch’s face, just for convenience’s sake.

Keeping your head warm is also a good idea, especially for runners who enjoy partaking in the activity when it’s raining or snowing. A trusty headband should help keep your hair off your face. You can also tuck your strands into a beanie to keep things neat and tidy.

For more gear to help you keep warm this autumn and winter, check out our online storefront today!