Cotton Hoodies For Women: A New Style Guide For 2022

Cotton Hoodies For Women: A New Style Guide For 2022

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Feb 3rd 2022

It wasn’t too long ago that sweats and jumpsuits were looked upon as kitschy gym gear - at the very least, not considered elements of high fashion.

Well, perhaps high fashion offers just a touch too much lofty phrase - but you can’t rule anything out for 2022 if the past two years are any indicator!

Keep an open mind and soak up some of these great style pointers for how to dress in cotton hoodies for women in 2022!

Suit Up: Rock a Blazer or Jacket
Hold up - a blazer or a suit jacket with a cotton hoodie for women? We can’t possibly have led with that as our first fashion tip for 2022?

Don’t hold your breath. We just did, and we’re sticking by it.

It’s one of the boldest suggestions in this list, but when it works, it works. Something about the plain, unadorned, down-to-earth style of a 100% cotton hoodie (without a graphic, of course) just lends a certain grounding undertone to a blazer.

Pair it up and see for yourself. You’ll be treading the waters of the avant-garde in no time.

Pants that Pop
Do you know what a plain cotton hoodie for women lacks? Bright prints, patterns, and images.

Do you know what doesn’t lack that? Pants with bright prints, patterns, and images!

If your favorite cotton hoodie seems or feels a bit plain, there’s no need to swap it out for another top - just let your pants do the talking.

The sense of balance created will be utterly unique. Try it out and see what we mean.

Order Up a Size (+Leggings for a Cute Look)
Looking for a cutesy, sweet style? Order up a size for your next cotton hoodie - or up a few sizes. Get one you can really swim in.

Then pair it with a set of form-fitting leggings and you’ll love the way you look.

The larger hoodie will slim down your figure and accentuate the way the leggings hug your body, creating a very pleasant juxtaposition. Experientia docet - try it for yourself if you need to see to believe.

Full-Bore Casual
We’d be remiss in our efforts to offer you a style guide for 2022 if we didn’t bring up a classic among classics - casual to the max - max cas’, if you will.

What else pairs with a cotton hoodie for women like cotton sweatpants for women? Not much, if you ask us - and yes, we’re being honest.

Create a color-coordinated style by matching up the pants with your hoodie and if you’re feeling completely monochromatic, throw in a pair of matching cotton wool socks. Finish it off with a pair of Uggs (or, you guessed it, color-coordinated slippers) hood-up and hit the town - or the couch.

Invest in Your Image
This one sits right up there with the blazer idea. Do you know what goes great with a cotton hoodie for women? A vest! (As long as you choose it wisely!)

Pick a nice vest that compliments your form and creates a bit of contrast with your hoodie. If the colors are too closely aligned it might just look like you’re puffing yourself up - which is fine if that’s what you’re going for.

Otherwise, choose a vest that offers some contrast, like a black or dark vest for a light-colored hoodie and vice versa. It’ll still let your hoodie shine through and will catch the attention.

Denim & Cotton Hoodies for Women: Perfect Together
Let’s just get out with it - is there anything that jeans don’t go with?

It’s kind of like the question - is there anything that a cotton hoodie doesn’t go with?

To be fair, the answer to both is not really, as long as you keep an open mind and get creative. We’re not telling you to wear a hoodie over a ball gown, here.

The great thing about jeans is they all work with a hoodie. Light jeans, dark jeans, acid-washed jeans, ripped, stained, and faded jeans - they all work!

Best of all, you can wear them almost anywhere, anytime, except on the most formal of occasions. Going shopping for some groceries? Check. Going to work? Check (probably). Visiting a friend? Check. Lunch date? Check!

Layer Up with Leather
It’s very hard to tone down leather and take the flash away from it. Both suede, grain leather, and polished patent leather announce themselves.

That is precisely the reason that a leather jacket - unzipped, of course - makes such a statement with a hoodie.

It’s a clashing of elements. The biker aesthetic with the at-home casual. Wearing your leather jacket open with your favorite hoodie for women creates a similar (although somehow inexplicably different) mystique to that created by a blazer and a hoodie.

You can also rock a leather jacket zipped up with nothing but the hood exposed. It really puts the focus on the leather but grounds the overall look.

Unzip and Show Off a Graphic T or Flannel
What a cotton hoodie lacks in razzle and dazzle can be supplemented with your favorite short or long sleeve graphic t-shirt, but there’s a caveat - you can really only work this style with a zip-up. Unzip your hoodie and let the t-shirt shine through!

Looking for a neat little way to make a similar effect that is more toned down? Opt for a homey, traditional look with a flannel. You’ll still be adding movement, color, and intrigue, but on a less aggressive scale!


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