8 Stylish Outfit Ideas With 100 Percent Cotton Sweatpants For Women

8 Stylish Outfit Ideas With 100 Percent Cotton Sweatpants For Women

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Dec 7th 2021

Fashion trends are constantly morphing and changing, which can make keeping up with them “seam”ingly impossible! However, it doesn’t need to feel that way when you have more timeless items that don’t tend to go out of style so fast.

No, we aren’t talking about peacoats, leggings, or jeans. We are talking about something that is extremely comfortable, insulating, and can even make you look more fashionable than you might imagine: 100 percent cotton sweatpants for women!

Sweatpants that are made of 100% cotton can provide you with unparalleled levels of comfort. But, this comfort doesn’t need to be constrained to just your couch, bed, or even your work-from-home setup. You can wear these in public settings and still look stylish.

So let’s hop to it: eight fashionable outfit ideas with 100 percent cotton sweatpants for women!

1.Matching Sweatshirt with Sneakers
This look may seem casual (and it can be), but it is actually extremely in-style right now. Not only will you be comfortable from top to bottom, but you will also be fashionable as well. The look of matching tops and bottoms is also a more modern look that is growing in popularity. Why not jump on this cozy and cute bandwagon?

2.Crop Top, Cardigan, and High Heels
On the other end of the spectrum, you can really “dress up” your sweatpants. You can add a cute crop top (can be long-sleeve or short-sleeve, depending on the season and your preference) and a pair of high heels. If it’s winter, add a long and open cardigan into the mix to provide more depth to your look.

3.Slightly Rolled Up, Short-Sleeve Shirt, and High Heels
For those slightly warmer fall or spring days, you shouldn’t have to forgo your sweatpants. Simply roll up your pant legs (or fold them up if the pant legs won’t stay in place) to about mid-calf, which will provide you with a fashionably casual chic look. Then, wear a short-sleeved shirt of your choice.

In order to further accentuate your entire outfit and to really show off your ankles and calves, opt for cute wedges or a pair of high heels. These heels could either blend in with your outfit or be a stark contrast to the color of your sweatpants. The choice is undeniably yours!

4.Jean Jacket over a Crop Top

Jean jackets are back in fashion and we are certainly not upset about it! This classic look can easily help you make the most out of your favorite sweatpants. Wear your favorite jean jacket, but underneath it, a cute crop top. Your crop top could be a variety of styles, from plain to a crop top sweatshirt with a hoodie. No matter which you choose, you will both look and feel great!

5.Leather (or Pleather) Jacket with Casual Sneakers
The unique look of a leather or pleather jacket can really bring out the most of your outfit. It can really help you dress up your sweatpants if that’s what you’re looking to accomplish. You can also wear casual sneakers, like Converse or Vans. The combination of these two will afford you an enviable “cool” aesthetic.

6.Blazer with Heeled Booties
Is it a bit colder outside? Then you should opt for a blazer, preferably the color that you like best! Your shirt doesn’t need to be anything too fancy or particular. You can really have fun with this part, but we recommend definitely sporting a pair of heeled booties. This particular style of shoes has exploded in popularity in recent years-- and doesn’t look to stop any time soon.

7.Rolled Up Pant Legs, Strappy Sandals, and Tank Top
For those warmer days, you can roll or fold up your sweatpants’ to once again simultaneously show off your calves and be a little cooled off. You can also wear a tank top on top of your choosing, which can be something sporty, flowy, tight-- whatever your heart desires!

As for your feet, because it’s so warm, you can opt to wear a cute and comfortable pair of strappy sandals. Make sure to have a nice pedicure as well!

8.Silky Long-Sleeve Shirt with Flats
If you’re looking for something that is the sublime combination of casual and chic, then this is the style option for you. You can wear a long-sleeve shirt that is a bit “fancier,” like a silky button-down with sleeves you can conveniently fold. Then, slap on a pair of pointy flats and you are looking exceptionally stylish while feeling cozy!

When looking for the perfect pair of 100 percent cotton sweatpants for women, look no further than what we have here at Just Sweatshirts. Any one of our offerings could help you satisfy the above looks so you can look good but feel exceptionally comfortable, too!