7 Gym Outfit Ideas Fit For Women In 2022

7 Gym Outfit Ideas Fit For Women In 2022

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Mar 15th 2022

“We go to the gym to look good outside of the gym, not inside it.”

While this more recently popularized quote may be relatively true, it doesn’t always have to be. You can still go to the gym, work hard to look and feel your best outside the gym, and look good doing it!

Because when you look good while working out, you’ll be more inclined to get the most out of your workout so you can continue to gradually look and feel even better! When paired with your favorite workouts sneakers, there’s nothing to limit what you can do.

This principle goes for both men and women, but we’ll be focusing on just some key gym outfit ideas for solely women here. Ladies, let’s take a look at some great gym ‘fit ideas so you can look your best from free weights to leg press!

1.Workout Crop Top and High-Waisted Leggings

One fashion trend that has really taken off in the last couple of years is the pairing of high-waisted bottoms with crop tops. In the exercise fashion sector, in particular, cropped sports bra-like tops have exploded in popularity in the last year or so.

Naturally, that is our first gym outfit suggestion for you: a workout crop top with high-waisted leggings. Everything will be kept securely in place (key for you runners and cardio enthusiasts out there) while providing you with body-complimenting materials.

2.Baggy Long-Sleeved Crop Top
If you’re looking to pair your leggings with something a little less tight on top, try to go for a baggy long-sleeved crop top instead! You’ll have more coverage of your arms (ideal in the wintertime) but still have the comfort of a baggier yet cute crop top to move, groove, and lift!

3.Cozy Cotton Sweatpants
Hey– we aren’t all exceptionally comfortable in an extremely tight-fitting ‘fit. You can try wearing cozy cotton sweatpants with either a matching hoodie or a baggy crop top. A pair of cotton sweatpants will provide you with optimal comfort while also effectively absorbing your sweat.

Wearing cotton sweatpants (or any other cotton garments) are great options for those looking to warm up their muscles faster and even sweat more (which can be advantageous for weight loss and potentially discouraging injuries!).

Plus, they just look excellent on anyone, regardless of her (or his) body type!

4.Tight Leggings– Capris or Full-Leg with a Tank Top

When you are choosing to wear tight-fitting leggings to your next lift session, you have the option of wearing either capris or full-leg leggings. Choose the one that you think would be the best match for your preferences and your workout. Then, pair it with an exercise tanktop of your choosing for optimal airflow, comfort, and style!

5.Bike Shorts with Crew Socks (or not!)
Another style that has really taken off for Gen Z and Millennials is bike shorts. That’s because these garments are typically high-waisted, which makes them comfortable, tight enough, breathable, and stylish! They are also the happy middle ground between tight leggings and spandex shorts.

Where would any outfit option be without its accessories (yes, even gym outfits)? You can even add a pair of crew socks to it in order to compliment your legs and ultimately pull the entire outfit together in one fell swoop! (But, if crew socks aren’t your style, then not to worry as they aren’t 100% mandatory here.)

You can also pair bike shorts with your preferred top, whether it be something relatively loose-fitting or tight-fitting! Nearly anything goes well with these shorts, as they are quite versatile!

6.Matchy, Matchy!
Another fashion trend that has caught on is 2-piece sets of matching tops and bottoms. These match in pattern and/or color perfectly, really bringing your outfit together and matching seamlessly!

There are other advantages to purchasing these 2-piece sets. They typically will save you some money and they can then be mixed and matched with other outfit choices, allowing you to freshen up your gym look and overall wardrobe whenever you see “fit!”

7.What About Your Hair?
Last but certainly not least, your hair deserves some attention too! Not only should your hair look good in general, but it should be comfortable for you to work out with while still being out of your way.

For those with short hair, you can wear a headband, pull the top up into a knot/ponytail, or even leave it down if it’s short enough and won’t get in your way! You could even try the side-swipe braid to keep it out of your face!

For those with medium or long hair, you could try double braids, single braids, ponytails, low side buns, top knots– nearly anything. We do recommend that you choose your hair-holding accessories closely. For example, softer scrunchies are great for anyone looking to deter their hair from breaking while working out!

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