5 Tips For Wearing A Hoodie For Ultimate Style And Fashion Sense

5 Tips For Wearing A Hoodie For Ultimate Style And Fashion Sense

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Oct 11th 2019

Hooded sweatshirts are often worn casually, without much consideration or need for style. With that said, they can also serve as a foundation or finishing touch for a solid, fashionable outfit. You just need a little finesse, clean and high-quality sweatshirts, and the right knowledge. We can help you get started with these five tips for wearing a hoodie and making it look amazing.

1. Choose a Fitted Hoodie

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The simplest way to improve your fashion sense is to wear clothes that not only fit you but fit you to a T. You do not need the services of a tailor to achieve this. You just need to find articles of clothing — even casual ones, such as hooded sweatshirts — in the size that most closely matches your measurements. While wearing an oversized hoodie can be fun in its own right, it looks kind of sloppy. Sporting a fitted one goes a long way towards refining your look.

2. Wear Something Over It

hoodies and leather jacket layering

An outfit is all about the sum of the parts. What makes it unique are the different components and how they are arranged. Wearing something over your sweatshirt adds style and can work wonders for your overall appearance. For example, you could wear a leather jacket, denim jacket, or some other good-looking jacket with your hoodie and create a striking (and warm) ensemble.

3. Use Muted Colors

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Hooded sweatshirts tend to stand out, and wearing something too bright risks looking gaudy. If you want low-key cool, get something muted. If you do decide to wear a top with it, you should strive to match it with something in the same color family. Try a dark blue-on-blue, or wear reds that are almost purple. With that said, experimenting with different colors, though it would remove the muted effect, can also look great.

4. Play with the Laidback Image

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When considering outfit ideas, you should keep in mind that hooded sweatshirts are largely viewed as super casual. This should not discourage you. In fact, you could tap into this reputation by pairing with more formal clothes or jewelry, such as a coat, a pair of fitted pants, nice looking shoes, with some sterling silver bracelets and earrings. The sweatshirt would make the more formal elements seem more relaxed. In exchange, the more formal elements will elevate the coolness of the sweatshirt. The overall effect is eye-catching and excellent.

5. Take Care with the Bottoms

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We have discussed tops at length, but everything below the waist should look good too. That said, you do not need to go over the top with business pants or ultra-formal shoes. Instead, try to strike a balance between formal and casual. Wear jeans, but strive for clean and high-end jeans. Wear sneakers, but nothing tattered or stained with age.

You can also wear sweatpants with a form-fitting hoodie but these should not be baggy or too loose; you'll be a walking example of a fashion don't. T-shirts and tank tops are also perfect with a pair of sweatpants. Those shouldn't be too baggy either. Find 100% cotton tees and tanks that support a worthy cause at No Love 4. Get comfortable, but look great while you are at it.

Where to Get Stylish Hoodies

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