100% Cotton Sweatpants: The Perfect Athleisure Solution

100% Cotton Sweatpants: The Perfect Athleisure Solution

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on Oct 13th 2020

Comfort is always important, whether you’re lounging around the house or going hard at the gym, and the clothing you wear is a big part of this. If your clothing is too stuffy, doesn’t fit properly, or is crafted from a rough material, you may not even be able to relax let alone focus on your workout.

If you are searching for an all-purpose clothing solution that is both comfortable enough to wear around the house, flexible enough to wear at the gym, and stylish enough to wear in just about any casual setting, high-quality 100% cotton sweatpants are a clear choice. Even as other clothing items rise and fall in popularity, the classic look and feel of a good pair of sweatpants are hard to match, for a number of reasons.

At the moment, one of the biggest trends in the clothing world is athleisure, or pieces you can wear comfortably both around the house and at the gym. This is likely due to the current health trends, as more of us are looking for ways to incorporate exercise into our daily routines. While leggings, shorts, and yoga pants are all popular options in this regard, there’s a case to be made for great quality sweatpants, which can be quite a bit more versatile than these other options.

We’ve put together the following guide to help explain the importance of comfort when it comes to your workout, and why well-made sweatpants are an excellent choice whether you need a comfy pair of pants for your yoga class, a warm piece of clothing to wear around the house on a lazy weekend, or even a great sleepwear solution.

Why Comfort Matters During a Workout

The quality of your workout can certainly be impacted by your level of comfort. To get the most out of your exercise routine, you want to be able to focus and move without obstruction, and that means donning clothes that don’t pinch and ride up or stifle you in any way.

Being able to move freely without hindrance is important for a multitude of reasons. First of all, not being able to move properly due to tight or bulky clothing could result in an injury. Forcing your arms or legs to move awkwardly to avoid discomfort produced from your clothing could easily result in a tweaked muscle or even a sprain if you are working with heavy weights.

Distractions are also best to be avoided when you are working out. There’s a reason why certain pieces of clothing were originally developed for the purpose of athletic pursuits because in general, many kinds of everyday clothing such as jeans for instance are absolutely not suitable for a workout. Not only would these pants make it difficult to perform even basic exercises in, but they also are not nearly as breathable and would quickly feel uncomfortable during an intense workout. It’s for these very reasons why you are unlikely to catch anyone at your local gym or jogging down a trail wearing a pair of jeans.

Sweatpants, as the name suggests, were originally designed as a comfortable workout option roughly a century ago, and they have only grown in popularity since then. Not only are these comfortable pants great for a variety of different workouts, but they have also become popular as casualwear, simply because they are so comfortable.

The comfort factor when it comes to working out should always be emphasized. Free-flowing, breathable, 100% cotton sweatpants might be the optimal choice in a majority of cases if you are simply looking for a reliable pair of pants that won’t feel stuffy or too tight, especially if you are into yoga or gymnastics. While yoga pants, for instance, do offer a high degree of movement and comfort, as do shorts, they may not be suitable in all instances.

For instance, if you are jogging outside on a cold winter morning, most yoga pants and leggings aren’t going to cut it. Shorts, of course, are out of the question (unless you find the cold invigorating!) This really only leaves sweatpants as the viable option if you want proper insulation from the cold, as well as an enjoyable amount of comfort.

Of course, you may have tried out sweatpants in the past during your workouts and found them somewhat unsatisfactory. This may be due to the quality, which has to be taken into consideration. High-quality sweatpants feel softer, retain heat better, and last longer than the common pairs you find in most department stores. As far as comfortable and reliable gym clothing is concerned, a heavy-duty pair of quality sweatpants is exactly what you need.

Quality Makes a Difference With Cotton Sweatpants

There is a distinct difference in the way quality sweatpants feel when compared to other varieties. One of the main factors here is the amount of fabric that is used in the design, which can influence how soft and durable the garment is. A high-quality pair of sweatpants should have a little “weight” to them, and feel snug and cozy yet still breathable. You know when you are wearing a pair of quality sweats when the heat doesn’t easily escape and when there’s plenty of give in the fabric to where you don’t feel constrained.

Cotton in general is an extremely versatile fabric that is noted for its breathable nature, ability to control moisture on the skin, and rarely will cause any kind of allergic reaction. It’s an all-natural product that insulates and feels pleasant to the touch. By using ample high-quality cotton in the production of a certain garment, you can create a durable yet comfy piece of clothing that is truly suited for just about any kind of activity.

Few other varieties of clothing are so perfectly suited for everyday comfort as they are for a rigorous workout. By taking advantage of the natural qualities of cotton, you can create truly versatile garments that stand up to repeated use, feel comfortable in just about any kind of weather, and help to retain heat without feeling stifling like other kinds of fabric can. For instance, as nice as it feels to the touch, there’s a reason why you don’t often see wool being used in the production of athleisure clothing. It is also a natural fabric, but its properties are quite a bit different. It is not nearly breathable enough and gets scratching and stifling in certain conditions, no matter how high the quality is.

This is important to note because it’s not just about the quality of a particular fabric, but the quality of cotton specifically that matters when it comes to the construction of highly usable and comfortable athleisure clothing. You want your sweatpants to have that perfect mix of softness and toughness, which cotton excels at providing.

Functional and Stylish Casualwear

While well-made 100% cotton sweatpants are perfect for exercising in, they also are a fine casualwear option as well. In fact, in recent years, sweatpants have migrated away from being used solely as athletic clothing and have definitively reached all-purpose status due to the high degree of comfort they provide.

It’s not for lack of options, either, as there are plenty of other viable kinds of loungewear on the market. However, sweatpants stand out because not only are they soft and comfortable enough for general lounging, they are also stylish enough for any kind of casual use. Whether you need something comfortable to run errands in, a durable pair of pants that you can garden in without fear of ruining, or something cozy to don while vacuuming and performing other home tasks, you really can’t go wrong with a good pair of sweats.

One of the best aspects of 100% cotton clothing is how easy it is to clean, which adds to the functionality of a well-made cotton garment such as our heavy-duty sweatpants. Cotton is not a high-maintenance kind of fabric, which adds to its usefulness as both workout clothing as well as clothing that is suitable to wear when working around the house.

Sometimes you simply need a reliable pair of pants to wear when you’re doing nothing at all. The athleisure trend after all part of a wider self-care movement that is not just concerned with staying active and working on your body, but also taking the necessary time out of your day to relax and take it easy. Comfortable casual clothing such as leggings, yoga pants, and t-shirts are only becoming more popular for these same reasons. People are looking for clothing options that you can relax in after a hard workout or simply use interchangeably as either a gym outfit or a loungewear outfit.

Heavy sweatpants made with high-quality cotton are perfect here as well. These soft and cozy pants aren’t going to pinch, ride up, or stifle you in any way, even if you find yourself curled up on the couch like a pretzel during a Netflix binge. When it comes to casualwear that works in virtually any setting, a well-made pair of sweatpants will more than likely meet your needs.

It’s all worth noting the classic style of a nice pair of sweatpants. Ever since the rise in popularity of casual clothing a few decades ago, sweatpants have been at the forefront of pop culture styles. Whether you are going for an athletic look or simply an effortlessly casual appearance, these pants can help you achieve the look you want with ease. In that way sweatpants are simply one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. You can apply them to a number of settings and not only will you not look out of place, but you will also be the most comfortable person in the room.

A Comfortable Option For Bedtime Too

You will also find that high-quality 100% cotton sweatpants also make an excellent sleepwear option if you are looking for warmth that won’t feel claustrophobic. Sweatpants crafted from quality cotton will be super soft but still breathable enough to keep your nice and dry. While silk and fleece pajamas are quite popular, there’s a reason why cotton garments are still a reliable go-to for just about everyone from time to time. Cotton is so naturally comfortable that it’s hard to pass up when it comes to keeping warm at night.

This only adds to the versatility of sweatpants as a garment. Not only do they work well at the gym, but they are also great jogger pants, function well for routine chores, are stylish enough to wear in just about any casual setting, and can even be used in a pinch to keep warm at night while you are in bed. Very few, if any other kinds of pants can stack up in terms of sheer usability.

Where to Find Heavy 100% Cotton Sweatpants

Thinking about grabbing a pair or two of these pants for yourself? It’s important to make sure that you don’t run out to the nearest department store and pluck the first pair of sweatpants you see laying on a shelf. If you want true lasting quality, your sweatpants should be designed to be as soft and as long-lasting as possible.

For this kind of quality, you will find just what you’re looking for right here at Just Sweatshirts. Our business is dedicated to providing superior quality cotton garments, including sweatpants, that are suitable for both a wide variety of purposes. From casual loungewear to all-purpose gym clothing, these pieces of clothing will not only keep you warm and comfortable, but you also aren’t going to easily wear them out like other kinds of clothing. Our pants are made to last.

Not only do we excel at designing heavy-duty sweatpants and sweatshirts that provide ultimate comfort, but we also take pride in our customer service and speedy delivery times. If you have any questions about which of our products might be best for you, just get in touch with us at 866-888-5878 and we would be happy to assist you in your search for the best athleisure solution for your needs.