Full Zip Hoodie

Not all Full Zip Hoodies are created equal. Our luxury full zip hoodie sweatshirts with side ribs in 100% cotton are made with slim tailoring around the arms and chest for a modern, sleek look. They’re also made with a Cross Grained cut and ribbed side panels, a full front zipper, two kangaroo pockets, and a Double Lined hood to provide comfort and warmth. These hooded sweatshirts are made from premium, 100% Cotton Looped Back Fleece (which is like French Terry backing) and pre-washed fabric to prevent shrinkage issues. Each item is handcrafted with our flatlock seam construction for a long-lasting durable garment inside out.  This is a modern take on our Classic Full Zip Hoodie, perfect for today's fashion-and-comfort-minded dresser.